September 29, 2024
Lake Molveno
XTERRA World Championship

Super Sprint Triathlon

Super Sprint Triathlon

The information on this page is not yet confirmed, and may be based on the previous years' edition.

A landmark moment in the history of XTERRA as the Youth World Championship officially debuts to pave the way for the future superstars off-road tri. Scheduled for the day after XTERRA Worlds, Youth A athletes can expect the full support of the XTERRA Community as they compete on the iconic Italian trails to determine the first-ever class of XTERRA Youth World Champions.

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Jul 19
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This courses below are not yet confirmed, and subject to change.
Swim, Bike & Run
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This schedule is not yet confirmed, and subject to change.
Fri 2024.09.27
Sat 2024.09.28
Sun 2024.09.29


This information is not yet confirmed, and subject to change.


Top 3 Men & Women

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The fees below have not yet been confirmed, and are subject to change.


Description Fee
Super Sprint Distance (Youth Qualifiers only) €40

Please note that this race is open to Youth A, and is a qualification-only event. Fees are yet to be confirmed and may be subject to change.


The information below may be from a previous edition of the event, and is subject to change.

How do I qualify to race in the Super Sprint Triathlon category?

This race is part of the new XTERRA Youth World Championship program and is a qualification-only race open to the Youth A (14-15 yrs. old). More information on the XTERRA Youth World Championship can be found here.

Do I need a Triathlon License to race in this category?

Please note that all athletes are required to have a triathlon license to compete.
For foreign athletes in Italy, you have two options:

  • You need to be a member of your country's National Triathlon Federation and have a valid license* issued by that federation. Please have a copy of this ready and present it at the registration tent during race pack collection.
    *Please ensure that your license is current and not expired on race day.

  • In case you are not a member, you can apply for a one-day license under the Italian Triathlon Federation. To do so, you must have a medical certificate issued in one of the following ways:

    1. Medical certificate issued from your country based on the Italian Triathlon Form (no other form admitted, please download the form here)

    2. Medical certificate issued in Italy. A doctor will be available on-site only on Friday, September 27th from 08:30-12:30. Please use this link to book your appointment.

    The cost of the one-day license depends on the type of race. This license can be purchased at the race office located on-site:

    Athletes from 6-17 yrs old ------------------------------------------ €5.00
    Sprint and Full Distance Races (18 yrs. and over) ---------- €20.00

SUMMARY: You will need to show your valid triathlon license to race. If you do not have a valid annual triathlon license, you will need to (at your expense) obtain a medical certificate from your country using this form or from an authorized Italian medical provider to be able to purchase a FITRI Day License. 


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