XTERRA Stories
How to Pitch XTERRA

As a global lifestyle brand that champions the outdoor enthusiast in their pursuit of relentless adventure, XTERRA tells trail-positive stories of discovery, challenge, culture and community to an audience connected by a love and respect for nature and exploration.

Told by a diverse and passionate group of voices from all corners of the globe, XTERRA Stories educate and inspire through the power of words, and provide the spark to get out, get moving, and discover more. 

If these are the stories you tell, we’d like to hear from you.

The Origin Of XTERRA

XTERRA began as a small group of brave souls standing on the shoreline of Maui, waiting nervously to compete in the first-ever off-road triathlon - an open water swim followed by a challenging mountain bike ride followed by a trail run. 

That handful of people quickly grew into a worldwide community as XTERRA became established as the premier global off-road triathlon series, with races across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. 

Fast forward two decades and XTERRA now offers 13 off-road event categories spread across 47 countries, and continues to be driven by an ever-growing community of impassioned adventurers seeking personal challenge across every natural terrain.

X marks the unknown. TERRA is earth. And together, we’ll never stop exploring. 

The Stories We Tell

XTERRA Stories serve to inspire those who crave adventure, to raise awareness for those who need it, and to shine a light on the people, places and initiatives that embody our values of adventure, challenge, discovery, community, and sustainable thinking. 

Athlete Spotlights

Interview-driven yet narrative-style stories, XTERRA’s athlete spotlights highlight any person making waves within the trail running, mountain biking, or open water swimming space. We do not tell stories of training routines and diets (we know what it takes to be among the best) but instead focus on what makes the athlete human, connecting those at the top of the game to those just getting started.

Self-Discovery Stories

Not every great story comes from those at the top. In fact, there are far more incredible stories from the back of the pack. Self-Discovery is an open category for every inspirational story in the off-road space that may not contain a name we all know. Stories from the trail builders, the rescue teams, the first time riders and extreme explorers. Anybody who has found purpose and happiness through challenge and adventure. There are millions of positive stories coming out of the off-road space every day, and we’d like to tell as many of them as possible. 

Discovery Stories

#WePlayWeProtect. Educational, well-researched, deep-dive articles that explore the cultures, destinations and initiatives that exist within the places we run, ride, and explore. Written to raise awareness, inspire exploration, and give readers a more meaningful experience within a location, Discovery stories link back to the XTERRA community through themes of adventure and endurance, or by the proximity between the setting of the story and the presence of an XTERRA event.

Community Uplift Stories

The outdoor and off-road community is full of people seeking to make positive change, often off their own time and own dime. The one or two person teams that work tirelessly for the sake of nature and the happiness of others. These are the heroes that make an overwhelmingly wholesome community even better, and these are the stories that need to be told to show the power of what is possible when something is driven by heart alone. 

The Stories We Don’t Tell

XTERRA tells stories of adventure, challenge and discovery. Authentic long-form content designed to educate and inspire. We do not do:

  • Gear reviews
  • Training plans or tips
  • Diet plans or tips
  • Weight loss / recovery stories
  • Listicles

What Every Story Needs

Credibility comes from those who were there. Stories must include pieces from a conversation with somebody involved directly in the story. Athlete Spotlight stories must be based on a conversation between the athlete and the writer. The same goes for Self-Discovery and Community Uplift stories, while Discovery pieces must include insights from somebody directly involved in the story, be it a researcher, tribe member, or local tour guide. 

What You Need To Write For XTERRA

There are two basic requirements to write for XTERRA. First, you’ll need to share the same passion for adventure and off-road sports as us. Passion does not necessarily mean skill - an amateur trail runner can have just as much passion as a seasoned elite - but a love for getting out into nature is key. You’ll also need to have at least one published piece of written work to provide as a reference. If you have both of those, keep reading. 

How To Pitch Your Story

Writers are welcome to pitch as many stories as they like, as often as they like. A story pitch does not need to be long, just simply a 150-300 word synopsis outlining what the story is about, how it supports at least one of the five values (adventure, challenge, discovery, community, and sustainable thinking), and any other relevant background information. 

Pitches should be sent via email to stories@xterraplanet.com under the subject line ‘XTERRA Story Pitch’. If it’s your first pitch, please include a little bit of background about yourself as well as a link to some previous work.

Unfortunately not all pitches will receive a response, but those that are likely to advance to the next stage should receive a response within 5 working days. Once a project has been greenlit, a project fee will be agreed upon based on the credentials of the writer, the story itself, the amount of research and work involved, and a number of other factors. 

Visit the XTERRA Stories page for inspiration and get in touch to be featured next.