August 27, 2023
Plage Lac Bromont


The information on this page is not yet confirmed, and may be based on the previous years' edition.

You want to try an XTERRA, but you are not comfortable with mountain bike courses with too many roots and rocks? We offer you this new formula, the MIXTERRA. This formula allows you to do a unique race by traversing the most beautiful dirt roads, gravel roads and trails without technical parts in the region.


This courses below are not yet confirmed, and subject to change.
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This schedule is not yet confirmed, and subject to change.
Sun 2023.08.27


This information is not yet confirmed, and subject to change.


The fees below have not yet been confirmed, and are subject to change.


Description Fee
Individual Entry $120
Individual Entry from Feb 15th $135
Individual Entry from April 1st $150
Individual Entry from June 1st $165
Team Entry $140
Team Entry from Feb 15th $155
Team Entry from April 1st $170
Team Entry from June 1st $185
16-19yo (Individual & Team) $105
16-19yo (Individual & Team) from Feb 15th $120
16-19yo (Individual & Team) from April 1st $135
16-19yo (Individual & Team) from June 1st $150


The information below may be from a previous edition of the event, and is subject to change.

XTERRA Quebec Series races are endorsed by Triathlon Quebec. The Federation rules are therefore those that will apply during your race. Here is a summary (not exclusive) of these regulations:


  • No mounting on the bike in the transition zones (mounting and descending must be done outside the transition zone

  • Wearing a bicycle helmet is mandatory at all times during the bike portion. The helmet must be buckled before taking your bike on the bicycle rack, and must remain locked until the bike is replaced on the bicycle rack

  • No outside assistance is allowed during the bike portion

  • The rules of good behavior are in order

  • Contrary to the Triathlon Québec rules for road triathlon, drafting is allowed during XTERRA events

Safety on the bike course

The bike course is a moderately technical course consisting mostly of single tracks. The course will be composed of fast sections, but also of slower. So that everyone can fully enjoy the race and enjoy a great experience, please respect the following basic rules:

  • Overtaking must be done in a civilized way: in general the slower bikers keep their right (when possible) and the overtaking is done on the left

  • Before overtaking, please clearly indicate your intentions to the rider before you (for example by indicating your intention to pass, when possible: “I go to the left” or “when possible I go to the left”). In this way the slower rider can predict the place where he gives way to the fastest

  • A rider on his bike in a technical section or single track must give way to the fastest only when possible. No rider has the obligation to stop riding or risk an accident to let a faster biker pass

  • Faster riders must be vigilant and use common sense when overtaking. The safety and pleasure of everyone are at stake!

Only mountain bikes in good conditions are accepted on the course. No other type of bike (cyclocross, hybrid with handlebars, etc.) is accepted. Handlebars end cap must be sealed. A rider presenting himself on the day of the race with a bike that is not in order may be refused participating in the event. In case of doubt, please email:

No outside assistance is allowed during the bike portion. However, a participant taking part in the same event has the opportunity to assist another participant (for example by helping to make a repair, lending equipment, etc.). All participants must finish the bike course with their bike under penalty of disqualification. A participant has the right to finish the bike course next to his bike (for example because of a break), but must always wear his helmet. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a penalty or disqualification.

Refueling is forbidden on the course outside the zones identified for this purpose. It’s the responsibility of the participants to respect this rule. In any case, and especially for the bike portion, when you wish to refuel, please keep the right when approaching the refueling areas and indicate your intention to stop or slow down. In cases where there are many riders at the refueling area, it is strongly advised to stop in order to avoid any unfortunate incident. The time lost by an incident will be quickly offset by a few seconds or minutes to refuel.


  • Wearing the bib is mandatory for the race portion

  • No outside assistance is allowed during the race portion


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