New XTERRA Trail Run World Series set for 2023

Trey Garman
September 24, 2022

September 12, 2022 - XTERRA is introducing an all-inclusive Trail Run World Series featuring more than 30 events across 20 countries on five continents in 2023.

The new series unifies XTERRA Trail Runs worldwide, awards points to all runners at each race, and has its own custom-built global ranking system.

“Having all our trail runs around the world under one umbrella provides us the opportunity to connect our running community like never before,” said Landry Benoit, XTERRA Asia-Pacific technical director.

The XTERRA Trail Run World Series will incorporate marathon (35-to-60km) and half-marathon (15-to-34km) distances and award national, regional, and world championship recognition to individuals and teams at the 2023 XTERRA Trail Run World Championship.

The team competition, dubbed the “Racing Duo” category, awards points to teams of two people who run (and finish) together. There will also be segment challenges for both individuals and racing duos that award additional points to runners who set the fastest times during various portions of each race including best climb, fastest downhill, and quickest sprinter.

“The rules are quite simple, and the inclusive points system and rankings, new segment challenges, and unique team competition category will be fun to run in and attractive to all athletes, not just the elites,” added Landry.

Everything is scored and put into the global ranking system where individual and racing duos can view their ranking regionally and worldwide, and sort standings by rank, age, and gender to compare themselves to other XTERRA runners across the globe.

In addition, a wealth of qualifying spots into the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship will be available to runners in each division at each race. Select events will also offer prize money to the top male and female finishers.

“This Series is for every runner who runs to explore, who thrives on dirt, hills, and fresh air, embraces personal challenge, and never stops asking what’s around the next corner. It’s a Series for every trail runner, amateur to elite, young and old, the sprinters, the scramblers, the climbers, and the crawlers,” said Emily McIlvaine, XTERRA Americas Event Coordinator.

The best part of the new XTERRA Trail Run World Series is the trails themselves, all bucket-list destinations that embody the spirit of discovery that drives the trail running community.

“Differing from other elite-focused trail running series, the XTERRA Trail Run World Series mixes travel and trail to deliver a running experience like no other to beginner, intermediate, and experienced trail runners alike,” said J-D Cousens, XTERRA VP of Operations & Global Marketing.

The Series starts retroactively from January 2022 to runners who competed in a certified XTERRA half-or-full marathon event.   

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16 April
Panagiotis Bitados/Alizee Paties
21 May
XTERRA Portugal
Arthur Serrieres/Solenne Billouin
4 June
XTERRA Italy - Lake Garda
Arthur Serrieres/Jindriska Zemanova
11 June
XTERRA Belgium
Arthur Serrieres/Marta Menditto
12 June
XTERRA Whistler
Edmond Roy/Katie Button
2 July
XTERRA Short Track France
Panagiotis Bitados/Loanne Duvoisin
3 July
Felix Forissier/Marta Menditto
10 July
XTERRA Victoria
Brent McMahon/Katie Button
16 July
XTERRA USA Championship
Sullivan Middaugh/Lesley Paterson
17 July
XTERRA Italy - Lake Scanno
Maxim Chane/Alizee Paties
6 August
XTERRA Nouvelle-Aquataine
Arthur Serrieres/Juliette Duquesne
13 August
XTERRA European Championship
Arthur Serrieres/Sandra Mairhofer
14 August
XTERRA Short Track Czech
Lukas Kocar/Sandra Mairhofer
19 August
XTERRA Short Track Germany
Felix Forissier/Alizee Paties
20 August
XTERRA Germany
Arthur Serrieres/Sandra Mairhofer
4 September
XTERRA Dominican Republic
Francisco Serrano/Suzie Snyder
1 October
XTERRA World Championship
Arthur Serrieres/Solenne Billouin
2 October
XTERRA Short Track Trentino
Lukas Kocar/Daisy Davies
15 October
XTERRA Sardegna
Roth Jens/Saiu Giulia
22 October
Sam Osborne/Alizee Paties


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