Introducing the All-New XTERRA Trail Run World Series 2023

Bringing together over 30 of the best trail runs in 20+ countries across the globe, XTERRA is proud to announce the launch of a unified XTERRA Trail Run World Series to run alongside the globally recognized XTERRA Triathlon.

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Introducing the the XTERRA Trail Run World Series

Before the 2022 season goes out with a bang beneath the Brenta Dolomites, XTERRA has one final clincher to carry the momentum through to next season, and a massive reason to get prepped for a huge year of racing in 2023.

Announced just today, September 12, 2022, XTERRA has officially launched the Trail Run World Series - a series designed to unite the ever-growing trail running community across Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region to connect and compete under a single umbrella for the first time.

Following a similar model to the acclaimed XTERRA Triathlon, the Trail Run World Series will boast its own custom-built ranking system for all runners to compete individually and internationally, with qualifying slots available at each event for the annual and invite-only XTERRA Trail Run World Championship.


A series rooted in community and adventure

Differing from other elite-focused trail running series, the XTERRA Trail Run World Series is open to all runners - from young to old, amateur to elite - infusing the same signature XTERRA mix of community, challenge, and adventure to deliver an inclusive trail running experience that showcases the best running locations the world has to offer. 

And while XTERRA has held trail run competitions in the past, never have all the regions been united via a global rankings system with a World Championship that is accessible only by earned slots.

The series already includes over 30 races (and counting) in 20+ countries, with regional champions set to be crowned in Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific in 2023 before the ultimate champion is decided at the soon-to-be-announced XTERRA Trail Run World Championship.

And with rankings currently being retroactively calculated from all certified XTERRA marathon and half-marathon events since January 2022, technically the race has already begun.

See the full list of races here.


Distances, categories, and segment challenges

While shorter distances may be available at events, the XTERRA Trail Run World Series consists only of marathon (35+km) and half-marathon (15-34km) distances, with cut off times varying according to distance and difficulty.

A teams category, AKA 'the racing duo', also forms part of the series for those who prefer not to suffer alone. But be warned, those who suffer together must also finish together in order to be awarded rankings points or championship slots. 

Another fun addition is the inclusion of segment challenges, awarding the top 20 speedsters, climbers and downhill bombers across a defined section of the trail with additional ranking points. These challenges will be in select races only, so be sure to check the race details to know exactly where and when to open the tank.

Points towards the global rankings are awarded on a custom system based on distance, participation, and segment speeds, with rankings updated the week following each event to see how you or your team stacked up against the rest.


The XTERRA Trail Run World Championship

Every series needs a decider, and the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship will be just that.

With each race in the series offering slots to the fastest age group runners in countries across the globe, the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship will see the world’s best stand shoulder to shoulder in a race for the cash prize and the honour of being the XTERRA Trail Run World Champion in the male, female or duo category.

The location of the 2023 XTERRA Trail Run World Championship is set to be announced soon, so be sure to follow the series on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know. 

In the meantime, check the series race lineup and get ready for a series that thrives on dirt, hills, and fresh air, embraces personal challenge, celebrates community spirit, and never stops asking what’s around the next corner.

This is the XTERRA Trail Run World Series, and the journey has just begun.













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