X-Discovery Storytellers

Inform & Inspire
Behind every trail, every mountain, every forest, lake, river and ocean lies a story of culture and community. A story that gives meaning to this tiny natural spec of the planet, and a story that should be known to all those who pass through. 
X-Discovery is a place to celebrate these stories. A place where our community can come to gain a deeper understanding of the places we play, foster respect and understanding, and provide help where we can. 
Informative and educational, with a combination of film, text, and resources, X-Discovery aims to encourage exploration, raise awareness for sustainable thinking, and to showcase the never ending beauty of our planet and those who inhabit it.
Stories that inform and inspire
At the heart of X-Discovery is a theme of exploration and a tone of culture and understanding. Stories that resonate within the XTERRA community and highlight the importance of adventure, community, sustainability, and respect.
The Roots of Happiness

Combining the power of running and community, Erik Stanley believes that true happiness lies in unplugging from digital culture, reconnecting with nature, and running in a pack. With 100 members and growing, he may be on to something.

The Roots of Happiness follows the story of a few select individuals as they overcome personal hurdles through the power of community, nature, and adventure.

My Sons I Give to You

Dimitris Zannes has dedicated his life to his two great loves - his wife and the ocean. But now, witnessing an ocean in decline from the frontlines of his fishing boat, he wonders what kind of ocean he will leave to his sons.

In a conversation with film director Charalampos Giannakakis, Demitris speaks on a life spent at sea, the realities of overfishing, and how tourism fishing can work to sustain oceans, cultures and cuisines.

How Little We Truly Need

Unchanged through centuries of fatal wars, earthquakes, and typhoons, the historical stone village buried deep in the southern mountains of Taiwan now faces a different kind of threat. At the age of 65, Vuvu is the last remaining member of the Tjuvecekadan inhabitants.

How Little We Truly Need is a story of culture, community, and values, and a method of sustainable tourism that hopes to keep Tjuvecekadan standing.

Become an X-Discovery Storyteller
With so many stories to be told, we need the help of our community. The global XTERRA community is bound by a shared passion, respect, and curiosity of the natural spaces we so often find ourselves exploring, with X-Discovery now providing a platform for the storytellers among us to share the stories that most need to be heard.
If you are a videographer, a photographer, a writer, or simply someone with a story to tell, we’d like to work with you to bring that story to life.
Get started by telling us the background of the story, what it means to those in it, why it’s important that this story be told.
Submit Your Story
Please only provide a general overview of the story in a way that helps us understand why it is an important story to be told.
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How are X-Discovery stories chosen?
Stories are chosen based on the underlying values within the story and their relevance within the XTERRA community. X-Discovery aims to inform, educate, and provide more meaningful experiences for those looking to get out and explore.
What is needed to complete an X-Discovery piece?
Depending on seasonal, geographical, or other limitations, XTERRA can provide either a team of internal videographers, photographers, and writers to bring the story to life, or the budget to outsource the project to local content creators.
How many X-Discovery stories will be created?
With a focus on quality over quantity, X-Discovery productions will be limited to a small number each year.
Where will the X-Discovery stories be shared?
X-Discovery stories will be shared with the global XTERRA community via xterraplanet.com, newsletters, social channels and at select events.