XTERRA World Championship: Trentino Awaits

For the first time in 25 years, the season decider will be moving from the sparkling shores of Hawaii to the iconic peaks and lakes of Trentino, Italy in a move that signifies the beginning of a new era for a growing XTERRA community.

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With 2021 seeing the celebration of 25 consecutive and successful World Championships on the legendary Maui island, there is no better time to begin to explore the multitude of magnificent landscapes that make XTERRA events what they are, and bring the World Championship to an ever-expanding community of off-road enthusiasts across the globe. 

While several factors were considered, athlete accessibility and carbon footprint played a central role in the decision. But no destination stood out more to carry the torch of this pinnacle event than the spectacular foothills of Trentino, Italy. A must-visit destination for any outdoor adventurer and a bucket list location for every off-road athlete. 


Noting the proud history of the event, Michele Viola, President of APT Dolomiti Paganella, commented,“It’s a great honour for our destination to be able to welcome the XTERRA World Championship. From the Pacific Ocean that bathes the island of Maui, to the crystalline waters of Lake Molveno in which the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites are reflected, the passage of testimonials is an extraordinary moment and charges us with responsibility. However, we are convinced that, thanks to the tenacity and hospitality of our community, the experience gained over the years in organising international sport events and the extraordinary beauty of our territory, we will be ready to take on this new and fascinating challenge.”

Riccardo Giubilei, FITRI President, added "We welcome with satisfaction the decision of XTERRA to bring the World Championship to Italy and in particular to Trentino, a decision that makes us proud to be able to continue to open our destinations to great events, and to offer another exciting international event in this season of Triathlon to our Italian Community.”

 And with the location already tried and tested last year at a vibrant inaugural XTERRA Trentino, which doubled as the Europe Triathlon Cross Championships 2021 (now moved to Prachatice, Czech Republic), there’s no doubt that Trentino will deliver one of the most exciting World Championships yet as the best of the best go head to head on a course that is as exciting as it is challenging. 

A New Era For The XTERRA World Championship

From 2022 onwards, the XTERRA World Championship will move to a new yet equally enticing destination every 2 to 3 years, allowing multiple countries to create an everlasting legacy and help build towards a greater, more diverse XTERRA community bound by a passion for outdoor adventure. 

Speaking about the decision, J-D Cousens, XTERRA VP of Operations & Marketing explained, “When the coronavirus pandemic made international travel difficult, it gave us a chance to reflect on the XTERRA brand and consider the most responsible way to move forward. After considering many important aspects, particularly our carbon footprint and athlete accessibility, it made sense to move the XTERRA World Championship away from Maui for the time being. We also have a very large community in Europe and we want to give back to all who have supported us over the years by making it more accessible and affordable for the athletes and their families.”

“Maui will always be our birthplace, and we will be back, it’s in our DNA. So it’s certainly not goodbye, it’s see you next time. We cannot thank our Maui hosts, partners, crew, and athletes enough for the support they’ve shown us throughout the years, it’s been invaluable. The memories that have been created will last forever and we are looking forward to when we meet again.”

He added, “The XTERRA World Championship is the pinnacle of the racing calendar and will continue to grow through 2022 and beyond. We aim to take the XTERRA World Championship to all continents on a rotational basis, allowing our wonderful sport to reach new shores and inspire new warriors to join our global community, while offering different challenges for our World Championship athletes.”

The XTERRA World Championship 2022 - Trentino, Italy

The XTERRA World Championship will take place in Molveno on October 1-2, 2022, where the world’s best professional and amateur off-road triathletes will battle it out on a global stage to earn the coveted title of XTERRA World Champion. 

Emphasising the impact of the event, Maurizio Rossini, CEO of Trentino Marketing, noted, “The media coverage of the event will bring the images of this destination to over 170 countries around the world through more than 90 broadcasters, confirming the characteristic of Trentino to be a true open-air gym, ready to welcome outdoor endurance lovers from all over the globe.”

From the backdrop of the Dolomites to the landmark occasion this will be in the story of XTERRA, this will be a championship like no other. The depth of racing talent will run deep with a strong European field out to win a first ever World Championship on home turf. And if that's not enough, the weekend will also see the culmination of the fast-paced XTERRA Short Track series broadcast live from between the tapes in Trentino.

This will be one for the ages.

Italy, see you soon!
















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