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What is the XTERRA World Cup?

The XTERRA World Cup is what happens when the strongest and fastest off-road triathletes in the world go hammer and tongs between the tape in a condensed 7-stop global series, taking on oceans, rivers, lakes, and up to 40K of rugged mountain trails at a time - by bike and by foot - for a shot at pride, glory, and their slice of the $340,000 prize purse. Add two different race formats, a fight for leaderboard points, and multiple livestream races, and the result is arguably the biggest show in cross-triathlon. It’s the flagship pro series from the creators of off-road triathlon, with the unpredictable natural terrain of each of the 7 stops adding unbeatable imagery and intrigue to some of the sport's biggest battles.

Alizée Patiès leads Solenne Billouin / 2023 World Cup / Stop 1: Taiwan

If the XTERRA World Championship is designed to celebrate those with the strength, skills, and temperament to step up on the day, the World Cup is designed for those with the ability to step up time and time again as the series makes its way through 7 countries for a total of 11 races. 

Each race is a battle for the all-crucial series points, awarded to the top 30 finishers and making the fight for every position one of tooth and nail. Arthur Serrières and Alizée Paties stand tall as the reigning champions coming into 2024, but with the scores level as the series gets a fresh start, the world’s best now brace themselves for stop #1 in Taiwan, and the first opportunity to put their name at the top of the pile.


What are the 7 stops in the series?

After making its debut last year, the series returns this year with 2 new locations and slight shake up in the order of the remaining 5. 

Taiwan will once again get the show started with a rough and rugged course that includes the single most challenging bike section of the series. Greece follows as stop #2, with the fast trails of Vouliagmeni set to bring a significant change of pace. Stop #3 then touches down in Oak Mountain, USA, for the first of 4 double-feature stops that will feature both a Full Distance and Short Track race in a single event.

The river currents and cobblestone climbs of Namur, Belgium, move to stop #4 this year, while Quebec, Canada, makes its debut on the series with a double-feature showdown at stop #5. Czech Republic will be a battle for the ages at stop #6, with the oldest race on the XTERRA circuit hosting a final double-feature opportunity to pick up points before Trentino, Italy, closes the curtains on the series and season at the 2024 XTERRA World Championship.


What are the 2 race formats?

The 7-stop, 11–race series consists of two formats: the Full Distance off-road triathlon XTERRA is known for, and the relatively new fan-favourite Short Track format. Each of the 7 stops on the series will feature a Full Distance race, with 4 of the stops adding a Short Track race to make up the total 11 races in the series. 

Full Distance:

The Full Distance races are open to all registered XTERRA Elite athletes. While distances may vary slightly, the Full Distance format includes a 1.5K open water swim, a roughly 30K mountain bike ride, and a 10K trail run. Every new terrain demands a different set of skills, from power to speed to technicality, and with the unpredictability of nature - injuries and mechanicals form part of the game.

Short Track:

The Short Track format is invite-only. The made-for-TV format sees just 30 of the fastest off-road triathletes go full tilt through a highly condensed course that gives those watching from the sidelines and those tuning into the livestream a front row seat to the action. 

The format features a lightning-fast 2x200m swim, a 7-8K MTB section packed with features, and a 2.5-3K foot race to the finish. Qualification for the Short Track race differs depending on whether the ST race takes place before or after the Full Distance race. For stops where the Full Distance takes place first, Short Track qualification will be determined by the finishing order of the Full Distance. For Short Track races that precede the Full Distance, selection will be based on the World Cup rankings at the time. To keep things spicy, up to 5 places are reserved for wild card racers.

XTERRA Short Track / 2023 World Cup / Stop 3: Belgium

How does the scoring system work?

The scoring for the 2024 series is simple: 100 points for a Full Distance win and 75 for a Short Track win. All races count, so the name at the top of the leaderboard is the name to beat. The male and female leading the pack after stop #7 in Italy will be crowned as the 2024 XTERRA World Cup Champions. 

Click here for a full breakdown of points awarded to the top 30 finishers in both formats.


What is the course like in Taiwan?

There’s a reason Taiwan is sometimes referred to as ‘the rude awakening’. For those coming from a European winter, the heat and humidity of the tropical island will be a shock to the system. And for those used to manicured trails, the rugged and sometimes rowdy trails of the untamed southern mountain range of Taiwan can be a tall order. Being only March, this will also be the first race of the season for many and a trial by fire for post off-season fitness. 

Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen at full speed / 2023 World Cup / Stop 1: Taiwan

The swim takes place off Little Bay beach in Kenting, where the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean will split the pack. But this is a course that is 100% won and lost on the bike. The 29K single-loop bike course is one unexpected punchy climb after the next, favouring those with big engines able to handle the high intensity demands of the course. This is coupled with an additional demand for technical skill that will come into play in the many rock gardens littered throughout the course, and the long technical descents that will favour those willing to take risks. 

Ruben 'The Boss' Ruzafa leading the pack / 2023 World Cup / Stop 1: Taiwan

Both Arthur Forissier and Alizée Paties made their move on the run course to claim the win in 2023, but they may not be able to leave it that late this year. The run in 2023 began with an almost 5K technical climb -  a climb that seemed just too much for some and an opportunity to capitalise for others. This year the run has been extended to 12K but broken into 2 loops that will eliminate that initial climb. It’s still a very technical run, with no shortage of rocks, roots, and riverbeds to navigate, but the pace of the run is expected to be much faster this time round.

Just as there is almost nowhere to hide from the heat on this course, there is also nowhere to take your foot off the gas.

World Champion Solenne Billouin leaving everything on the course / 2023 World Cup / Stop 1: Taiwan

Who is likely to win the opening race?

There are a number of names that could take the tape, and with almost all of them not having raced yet this season, it’s almost impossible to tell who will take it. 

For the women’s race, all eyes will be on the battle that raged all series long last year: the World Champion vs the World Cup Champion, Solenne Biillouin vs Alizée Paties. Both hailing from France and both incredibly strong and talented racers, there is almost nothing that divides these two top contenders. They came in first and second in Taiwan last year and continued to share the top 2 steps of the podium throughout the series. Together, these two are taking the sport to new levels and they will undoubtedly put on a show when the series begins in Taiwan. 

Marta Menditto will be another name to watch. Finishing 5th in the overall standings last year, she arrives in Taiwan as the only top contender with race experience this season. The Italian claimed the gold at XTERRA South Africa in February, where the hot summer conditions will surely have helped in preparation for what lies in Taiwan.

Alizée Patiès (FRA) / 2023 XTERRA World Cup Champion

For the men, there are a number of top contenders but keep an eye on brothers Felix and Arthur Forissier, Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen, and Eric Lagerstrom.

Felix Forissier starts in the golden cap as the highest ranked athlete in Taiwan after finishing 2nd last year. The Frenchman is immensely strong in all 3 disciplines and fell just inches short of claiming the the World Cup and World Championship titles in 2023. This will also be a redemption race after suffering a mechanical in Taiwan last year, so expect the current European Champion to push hard straight out the gates.

There is very little separating the two Forissier brothers, with both having what it takes to beat the other on any given day. Arthur claimed the win in Taiwan in 2023 only to have his World Cup campaign cut short with a broken collarbone in the Czech Republic. If he is fully recovered, he will come out strong and could easily repeat what he did this time last year. 

Felix Forissier (FRA) / 2023 XTERRA European Champion

Jens Emil Sloth Nielsen is lethal on a bike and if he has figured out a way to improve his swim, even if only slightly, the elite field could have a real problem on their hands. This is a course that is won on the bike and nobody rides harder and faster than the Dane. Nobody loves racing (and overtaking) more than him and it will be interesting to see what changes he’s made during the off-season.

The USA’s Eric Lagerstrom has thrown his hat into the ring for the series opener, which will no doubt make things spicy up front. A big name in the on-road circuit but equally as capable of hanging with the best in the off-road world. In 2023 he pushed the XTERRA World Champion Arthur Serrières right to the bitter end at Oak Mountain and could easily deny the top-ranked off-road athletes a podium position at stop #1. Taiwan, however, is a different beast from the XTERRA races he’s competed in before, which only adds to the intrigue of the first race of the series.

EDIT: Unfortunately Eric Lagerstrom will not be starting due to injury.


Where can I watch the XTERRA World Cup?

Starting with Taiwan, the XTERRA World Cup will have a total of 5 livestream races throughout the series. All races will be available direct and for free on the XTERRA Live page on Coverage of all 7 stops, including race highlights, insights, and analysis, will also be available via pre and post race video recaps on the XTERRA YouTube channel

For additional content and official results, check in on the individual series stop pages as race week unfolds, and be sure to follow the global XTERRA IG and FB accounts for on-site coverage throughout the series.


The 2024 World Cup race and livestream schedule

Stop #1: Taiwan 

Mar 23: Full Distance [🔴 LIVE]

Livestream start: 05:50 GMT +8

Stop #2: Greece

Apr 27: Full Distance

Stop #3: Oak Mountain 

May 18: Full Distance

May 19: Short Track [🔴 LIVE]

Livestream start: 09:00 GMT -6

Stop #4: Belgium

Jun 8: Full Distance

Stop #5: Quebec

Jul 12: Short Track

Jul 14: Full Distance

Stop #6: Czech 

Aug 10: Full Distance

Aug 11: Short Track [🔴 LIVE]

Livestream start: 13:00 GMT +1

Stop #7: Trentino 

Sep 26: Short Track [🔴 LIVE]

Livestream start: 14:00 GMT +2

Sep 28: Full Distance [🔴 LIVE]

Livestream start: 09:45 GMT +2









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