October 6, 2024
Le Chenit
XTERRA Trail Vallee de Joux

Ultra Trail Run

Ultra Trail Run

The information on this page is not yet confirmed, and may be based on the previous years' edition.

XTERRA Trail Vallee de Joux Ultra Trail Run is for the long-distance endurance purists, and requires good mountain and trail race experience, plus both the physical and technical skills required to overcome the challenge of an ultra distance trail run.

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Nov 28
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Oct 6
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This courses below are not yet confirmed, and subject to change.
Run: 56K 3000m+.
Click through to see the run course map, description and download the GPX file.

Ground: 10% asphalt / 30% single tracks / 60% trails

Aid Stations:

  • Vallorbe at km 20: water, tea, broth, coke, energy bars and fruits

  • Buvette de Châtel at km 34: water, tea, broth, coke, energy drink and bars, fruits and cheese

  • Chalet du Mt Tendre at km 44 : water, tea, broth, coke, energy drink and bars, fruits and cheese

Check points and cut-off times:

  • Cabane de la Gym Vallorbe at km 15.7 | alt 1369m (check point only)

  • Dt de Vaulion at km 25.8 | alt. 1482m: cut-off after 4.5 hours (10:30). Runners can walk to Le Pont village and take the train to join the finish line (paying)

  • Croix de Châtel at km 34,4 | alt. 1393m: cut-off after 6 hours (12:00)

  • Mt-Tendre at km 44,5 | alt. 1679m: cut-off after 8 hours (14:00). Runner can join the road at Col du Marchairuz and drive to the finish line on their own

  • Finish line: after 9 hours (15h30)

Video Preview:
Run: 56K 3000m+.


This schedule is not yet confirmed, and subject to change.
Sat 2024.10.05
Sun 2024.10.06


This information is not yet confirmed, and subject to change.


  • Overall top 3 men and women

  • Top 3 men and women in each category: Senior (18-39), Veteran 1 (40-49), Veteran 2 (50+)


The fees below have not yet been confirmed, and are subject to change.


The information below may be from a previous edition of the event, and is subject to change.

Minimum required age: 18 during the year.

Shuttle bus to start:

A bus is arranged to drive you to the start location. Departure: 05:00. Please notice that there is no possibility to leave your car at the start location on Sunday morning.

Mandatory gear:

  • personal cup

  • minimum 1 liter water reserve

  • mobile phone

  • survival blanket

  • food reserve (energy bar, energy gels, etc.)

  • waterproof jacket to withstand bad weather in the mountains

  • headlamp in working order with a spare battery

Be aware of controls before start and along the course: 15 minutes penalty for missing gear.

Sticks are allowed.

Recommended gear:

  • Gloves, warm clothes in case of bad weather conditions, spare clothes, cap or bandana, sunglasses

Race regulation:

Art. 1: Winter running in the middle of nature, mostly using hiking routes and crossing the Jurassien Vaudois Regional Park. The race takes place at night and requires an individual lighting system.

Art. 2: Because we love nature, let's respect it. It is imperative to follow the paths as they are marked, without cutting. In fact, cutting a trail causes significant disturbance of wildlife and irreversible erosion of the site, thus degrading it irreparably. Do not throw away bar wrappers or handkerchiefs. A few grams in your pockets will not delay you and will allow everyone to take full advantage of this superb region and to be able to return there. Each participant undertakes to respect the Eco Trail Charter appended to these race regulations. Any competitor found in violation will be immediately disqualified.

Art. 3: These races are open to anyone, man or woman, born in 2003 or before, (senior to veteran categories), licensed or not. Each participant agrees to have sufficient training and to be in a state of health allowing him to participate in the event for which he is registered. Participation in the nocturne des loups entails the unreserved acceptance of these rules and the ethics of the race.

Art. 4: With our partner MSO Chrono, you have the option of taking out cancellation insurance when you register. This is the only way to be entitled to request a refund.

Art. 5: No glass or cup will be provided, hence the obligation of a personal cup for the duration of the race.

Art. 6: No cash prize is distributed. A classification for each category is established as well as a scratch classification. The first 3 men and the first 3 women of the general classification, as well as the first 3 of each category will be rewarded.

Art. 7: Competitors refusing to comply with these rules will be eliminated, in particular for:

  • No bib

  • Bib falsification

  • Delay at the start of the competition

  • No check-in at checkpoints

  • Pollution or degradation of the sites crossed (cutting the paths, littering)

  • Refusal to be examined by health personnel

Anyone who does not have an individual lighting system will not be allowed to start or will be disqualified

Art. 8: Each competitor expressly authorizes the organizer or beneficiary to use his image, his voice and sporting performance for any direct exploitation or in derivative form of the event and this, on any medium throughout the world by all known and unknown to date and this for an unlimited period.


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