April 15, 2023
Mandelieu La Napoule France

P'tit Trail des Balcons d'Azur 23K Trail Run

The information on this page is not yet confirmed, and may be based on the previous years' edition.

P'tit TBA ('small TBA') is the gateway to the Trail des Balcons d'Azur. With its 23K and 1000m+ it is accessible to those who want to discover trail running with the ambition to jump up someday onto the TBA or UTBA


This courses below are not yet confirmed, and subject to change.
23K 1000m+

Aid stations at km9 (col de la Cadière) with water + sweet drink, km 16 (raccord de la Californie) with water only and at finish line with water, sweet drink, salted, sweet snacks and fruits.

Be aware that no cups will be provided at aid stations.

Cut-off at km 18 (PC Maure Vieil) at 17:30: all competitors arriving there after cut-off will be stoped.
Finish line will be closed at 18:30

Estimated race schedule:
PC1 Maure Vielle, km 4: 14:18-14:46
PC2 Col de la Cadière, km 9.5: 14:44-15:51
PC3, km 13.5: 15:02-16:38
PC4, km 16: 15:14-17:07
PC1 Maure Vielle, km 18: 15:23-17:30
Finish line: 15:46-18:30

Video Preview:
23K 1000m+


This schedule is not yet confirmed, and subject to change.
Sat 2023.04.15


This information is not yet confirmed, and subject to change.









Will be awarded:
- Overall top 3 male and female athletes will be awarded
- Top 3 male and female from each category
- (P'tit Défi TBA) overall top 3 male and female athletes cumulating Pt'it TBA + TBA will be awarded
- (Défi TBA) overall top 3 male and female athletes cumulating Pt'it TBA + UTBA will be awarded


The fees below have not yet been confirmed, and are subject to change.


Description Fee
Single rate 36 €
Petit Défi TBA (P'tit TBA + TBA) 83 €
Défi TBA (Pt'it TBA + UTBA) 113 €
Cancellation insurance P'tit TBA (optional) 5 €
Cancellation insurance Défis (optional) 15 €

Cancellation policy

Any commitment to the event is personal, firm and final and cannot be subject to refund for any reason.

In the event of cancellation of the event for reasons related to the COVID 19 pandemic only runners who have subscribed to the cancellation option (see below) will be able to pretend to the reimbursement of their registration (excluding bank charges) or the postponement of their registration on the Trail des Balcons d’Azur 2024.

Cancellation pack

Cancellation pack must be taken out at the time of registration and cannot be taken out later (optional).
Any request for reimbursement or postponement must be sent to the organisers no later than 15 days before the event, i.e. no later than April 1 2023.
Beyond this date, no refund request will be accepted.
COVID exception: in the event of cancellation of the event for reasons related to the COVID 19 pandemic reimbursement can be requested until May 15th 2023.


The information below may be from a previous edition of the event, and is subject to change.

Minimum age required: 18 during the year
Maximum age: 75 during the year

Safety contacts (to keep on you while running):
Safety director: +33 6 50 01 68 75
Race director: +33 6 26 09 83 89
Finish line: +33 6 61 68 44 48
Race PC (finish line): +33 6 08 82 91 44

Mandatory gear:
Energy food
1.5 l of water or energy drink,
Cup or bottle (no cups provided at aid stations)
Bib, fully visible from front during all race
Survival blanket, whistle, waterproof clothing (goretex type jacket)
Mobile phone, switched on and fully charged in order to LIVE TRACK you and contact you if needed
Safety contacts list (above)


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