April 7, 2024
Balneario de Seven Seas
XTERRA Puerto Rico

Sprint Triathlon

Sprint Triathlon

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XTERRA full course is amazing. The beach swim is in cristal clear waters. The bike course is a mixed of open trails , and technical cross country MTB course. We will first start with basically open trails, wide and not very technical. This section is very dry and loose. It is also very popular for its hills. Once you get out of the water you go straight into the trail, and about 1.5km into the trail you get the first climb. This climb is very steep and hard to pass. If you don't have an Eagle system, this will be a good time to get one. After this climb, there is of course the downhill. By know you have close to 2km of racing. After that, you have the second climb, which is very long and steep, but ridable. The terrain is very loose and you need to pay attention on the grip of the tires, because if you loose the grip then you will have a long walk. After this section, you have a 2.5km ride on the road before entering the fun section ( Fajardo MTB Trail) Fajardo MTB Trail is a fun XCO course. It has steep short climbs, drops, single tracks, roots, rocks, and bridges. It is really fun. Its length is about 4.8km and there average time is about 20-21 minutes per loop. After doing your ride at the Fajardo MTB trail, you then return to transition the same way.


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