September 21, 2022


The information on this page is not yet confirmed, and may be based on the previous years' edition.

The event is a sprint distance with a total swim of 2km and total run of 8km (approx) with the longest swim section of around 500m.The event caters equally to seasoned swimrunners competing for the top spots and also for the newcomers to the sport who compete for the experience and to challenge themselves!The run route will therefore be held on designated pathways and not an extreme trail.CREATE A TEAM!As in the SwimRun tradition, individuals need to buddy up and participate in pairs ie you start and cross the finish line together with both of you swimming and running the course. The team’s finish time is counted when both participants cross the finish line. Unlike purely individual sports, SwimRun gives an opportunity for mixed-gender teams to compete as well as single-gender teams, and for friends to have a great time training and participating together!


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Wed 2022.09.21


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Winners of each category ie Male Team, Female Team and Mixed Team will get an XTERRA Malta Trophy each


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INCLUDED (fro each athlete):

  • finisher's medal

  • swimcap

  • souvenir t-shirt

You must participate in teams of 2. If you don’t have a buddy yet, post in the Facebook Event on the XTERRA Malta page and you're virtually sure to find one :)

Once you are a team of 2, the first person needs to CREATE A TEAM and choose a TEAM NAME. The second person then needs to JOIN A TEAM and choose the TEAM NAME from the dropdown menu.


The information below may be from a previous edition of the event, and is subject to change.

IMPORTANT : All participants must present an updated COVID Vaccination Certificate as per current government regulations which will be updated accordingly should they change.


  • Teams must be of 2 persons. They must start and finish each segment of swim or run, and cross the finish line, as a team.

  • Team members must be 14 years or older. Under 18s must partner with an 18+ buddy.

  • Teams must wear the swim cap provided by the organisers. A wetsuit is allowed but not mandatory.

  • Paddles and swim buoys are allowed, but not mandatory

  • Shoes must be worn throughout.

  • Tops (or trisuits) must be worn throughout by all participants.

  • Race marking will be made on exposed hands/arms or legs

  • No equipment can be discarded.

  • Xterra Run Signs & Tape mark the route - marshals are there for safety & support, NOT to direct, so pay attention to the signs!

  • Flags mark entry and exit from sea - you must enter or exit the sea within 10m of these flags, not further.

  • Marshals en route may check your number and report any short-cutting or littering, leading to disqualification.

  • Route may change and exclude some swims if weather is bad.

  • No equipment can be discarded.

  • DO NOT THROW GELS OR CUPS anywhere on the route, doing so will result in immediate disqualification.

  • No External Assistance allowed

  • Trophy for the first finishers in each category: Male, Female and Mixed team


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