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XTERRA World Performance Index

The XTERRA World Performance Index (WPI) was launched in 2020 following two years of development and testing.

Designed in-house by 2005 XTERRA World Champion Nico Lebrun, the formula-driven index is a valuable tool that allows XTERRA athletes to compare their performances against athletes from around the World and see where they rank internationally.

The WPI calculates a score for every competitor who participates in an XTERRA World Championship Qualifying event and is used to determine regional rankings, elite status, and more.


All full and long-distance XTERRA World Championship qualifying events receive an XTERRA World Performance Index score.

Find a complete list of WPI approved events here.


All competitors participating in an XTERRA World Performance Index eligible race will receive a score, however, athletes shown as DNF (Did Not Finish) or DSQ (Disqualified) will display a score of 0 points.

Base Points

Each race starts with 100 base points.

Bonus Points

For each race, bonus points are added to the 100 base points based on the following factors:

  • Field quality: Determined by taking the average WPI World Rankings score of the top three ranked participating female competitors and top five ranked male competitors before the event.
  • Number of participants in the race.
  • Difficulty of the race, from 1 to 5 based on conditions including but not limited to water and air temperature, waves, rainfall, elevation, and technicality of the course.
  • XTERRA status level of the event (Silver Age Group, Silver Elite, Gold, World Cup, Regional Championship, or World Championship).

Points Distribution

The men’s and women’s race winners set the score for each event based upon the formula above.

A second formula then leverages the winners’ finish time and race conditions to proportionally decrease the amount of points awarded to each ensuing athlete based on how far back (in time) they finished.

Men and women are ranked independently of one another.


XTERRA World Performance Index Rankings are calculated by taking the average of each competitors’ best two performances (scores) during the previous 24 months.

Competitors must have participated in at least two WPI qualified events during the previous 24 months to appear in the rankings.

The WPI is sorted in descending order, thus higher points imply better performance.

Rankings are updated at the same time event results are published, generally two or three days after the event.


What’s the difference between the World Performance Index and World Performance Index Rankings?

The WPI is an individual event score and can be seen in the results for that event. The WPI Rankings are based on the average of your best TWO performances (scores) during the past 24 months. You won’t be in the rankings until you have TWO results within 24 months.

How is the WPI used for the Regional Tour Rankings?

The regional tour rankings are based on the highest single WPI score for the competitor from the season, plus a loyalty bonus for each race started above the minimum required. The highest ranked competitors from each age division and gender in each region will be crowned as regional champions.

You can find detailed rules for the Americas tour, Asia-Pacific tour, and EMEA tour on their respective pages.

Can I see what races were included in my current standings?

Yes, you just have to check your results on your profile’s page and look at the best two performances during the last 24 months.

I finished my first XTERRA race, why can’t I find myself in the rankings?

XTERRA World Performance Index Rankings are based on the average of your best two performances during the past 24 months. You need to participate in another XTERRA race to appear in the rankings, HOWEVER, you can see the XTERRA Performance Index you have been awarded for the race on the results page or on your profile page.

How often are the rankings updated?

Rankings are updated a few days after each race, allowing us time to check and validate the race results.

What races are considered?

All XTERRA World Championship qualifying races are considered, including all Full and Long Distance races from the three XTERRA Regional Tours (Americas, APAC and EMEA) and from the World Cup. See the schedules on each related page at

How can I sort the data?

The user-friendly website interface allows sorting by points, age group division, and nationality for both men and women using the search bar.

Can I submit my photo for my profile page?

Yes! Please send us your photo. Your profile photo must be larger than 1mb but less than 3mb. Be sure your face is clear and in focus. Name the photo with your name (i.e. firstname_lastname.jpg) and send it to

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