New XTERRA AG Tour Rules for 2023

Trey Garman
November 18, 2022

The XTERRA Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific Tours are being re-energized in 2023 with a new format that leverages XTERRA’s World Performance Index (WPI) tool to recognize the fastest age group off-road triathlete in every division across the globe.

Now in its fourth year, the WPI - a proprietary, formula-driven points scoring system developed by XTERRA Europe technical director Nico Lebrun and IT master Greg Catus - has proven its ability to accurately rank athlete performances and is ready for launch.

“We’re excited to put the WPI to the test in a meaningful way in 2023,” said Lebrun, the 2005 XTERRA World Champion who has dedicated his life to endurance sports racing, coaching, and administration.

“We’ve been fine tuning the WPI formula since 2017 and are confident, through rigorous testing and reality checks, that it produces the most accurate representation of an athlete's strength at XTERRA racing.”

The system was inspired by ITRA (trail running) and FIS (Skiing) points scoring systems, but built specifically and exclusively to rank XTERRA athletes at full and long-distance XTERRA World Championship qualifying races.

The WPI delivers a score for every finisher based on a number of factors including; the strength and depth of field as reflected by the top ranked XTERRA athletes competing in the event, the number of participants, and the difficulty of the course that takes elevation, water & air temperature, rainfall, and trail conditions into consideration. Additional factors include the level of event (Silver, Gold, Championship) and the athletes’ finishing time compared to the gender winner.

The results are presented in a clean, user-friendly interface that can be sorted by rank, age group, and country (have a look: XTERRA | Results & Standings).

To determine XTERRA Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific Tour Champions in each age group, the rules are pretty simple. First, to be eligible, athletes in the Americas and EMEA regions need to race three qualifying events during the 2023 calendar year (it’s two in two different countries for the APAC region). Next, every race an athlete finishes will earn a WPI score and the highest score in each age group, by gender and region, at the end of the year is the Tour Champion.

Detailed rules, a complete set of FAQ's, and a schedule of events for each region can be found at the individual XTERRA EMEA, XTERRA Americas, and XTERRA APAC Tour pages.

“Our three regions cover massive amounts of territory, from Canada to Chile in the Americas and from Switzerland to South Africa in the EMEA region, so it’s difficult to have all the best racers go head-to-head during the regular season,” explained Doug Hall, XTERRA EMEA General Manager. “The WPI system is designed to identify the best racer in each country and each region during the regular season. But to truly settle the score, we hope the regional champs from every age group in every tour come to the XTERRA World Championship and go head-to-head there!”

25 February
XTERRA Wellington Festival
New Zealand
11 March
XTERRA Rotorua Festival
New Zealand
18 March
Musandam, Oman
2 April
XTERRA Australia
Dunsborough, WA
15 April
XTERRA Asia-Pacific Championship
Kenting, Taiwan
22 April
Vouliagmeni, Greece
13 May
XTERRA Weston Park
Shropshire, Great Britian
20 May
XTERRA Portugal
Golega, Portugal
20 May
XTERRA Oak Mountain
Alabama, USA
27 May
XTERRA Lake Garda
Toscolano, Italy
10 June
XTERRA European Championship
Namur, Belgium
11 June
XTERRA Belgium Short Track
Namur, Belgium
2 July
Xonrupt, France
9 July
XTERRA Victoria
British Columbia, Canada
23 July
XTERRA Lake Scanno
L'Aquila, Italy
12 August
Prachatice, Czech Republic
13 August
XTERRA Czech Short Track
Prachatice, Czech Republic
18 August
XTERRA Germany Short Track
Zittau, Germany
19 August
XTERRA Germany
Zittau, Germany
26 August
XTERRA Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Mouliets, France
26 August
XTERRA USA Championship
Avon, Colorada, USA
3 September
XTERRA Dominican Republic
Coson Bay, Dominican Republic
17 September
XTERRA Whistler
British Vancouver, Canada
23 September
XTERRA World Championship
Trentino, Italy
24 September
XTERRA Trentino Short Track
Trentino, Italy
21 October
Moorea, Frech Polynesia


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