XTERRA Certified Coach

Zhou Fang (Tony)

Beijing, China

XTERRA Certified

Medium Level Swimming Trainer

High Level Coaching Experience

From 2012-2015, Assistant Coach of China Triathlon National Team

From 2017 to now, Coach for triathlon and swim

Started training in swimming in 1992, reached the level of national elite  athlete in swimming in 2002, with times of 1 minute 58 seconds in the 200  meters freestyle, 16 minutes 20 seconds in the 1500 meters freestyle, and 4  minutes 28 seconds in the 400 meters medley.

Began professional triathlon training in 2002, reached the level of  national elite athlete in triathlon in 2009, with a best time of 1 hour 47  minutes in the Olympic distance 51.5 kilometers triathlon, and was selected  for the national triathlon team multiple times from 2005 to 2016. Announced  retirement in 2017.

Best results in domestic and international competitions:  
China National triathlon professional group champion,
International triathlon elite race champion
6th place in the Asian Triathlon Championships,
26th place in the ITU Triathlon World Cup
11th place in the Military World Games triathlon.

Be innovative and open, keep exploring new ideas and ways of coaching, not limited to the existing concepts and models.


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