XTERRA Certified Coach

Suzie Snyder

Boulder, CO, United States

XTERRA Certified

Masters Degree in Exercise Science, Springfield College, MA (2006)

B.S Physical Education, Springfield College, 2004

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

USA Triathlon Level 3 Certified

USA Cycling Level 1 Certified

USA Track and Field Level 1 Certified

High Level Coaching Experience

My coaching experience includes athletes of all kinds; XTERRA and Ironman triathletes, road, mountain bike and cyclocross riders, and elite level tactical athletes (FBI Hostage Rescue Team, SWAT Teams & K9 Units, and US Army Special Forces teams). I've also enjoyed the challenge of coaching tactical athletes who are also competitive endurance athletes as the demands of each are significantly different and difficult to balance.

My passion lies in coaching anyone with a goal and a drive to challenge themselves, but feel it is also very important to emphasize balance. Endurance athletes tend to set high goals and rather than needing to be pushed, they sometimes need to be held back a touch in order to maintain balance in all aspects of life-  work, family, hobbies, training and racing, as well as balancing endurance training with strength and injury prevention. For most of us, attention to detail and doing "the little things" that we don't like or want to do can make a huge difference in both our daily lives and athletic performance, but need to be held accountable by someone else in order to actually do them! 


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