XTERRA Certified Coach

Moreno Dilabio

Chieti, Italy

XTERRA Certified

Trainer ICYFF - Indoor Cycling and Fitness Accredited

FCI National Instructor

Mastering in Cycling FCI Level 3 Accredited

Trainer Triathlon FITRI Accredited

Professional Coach (Life and Sport)

High Level Coaching Experience

I propose myself as a personal trainer for the triathlete who want develop the highest potential in the Xtriathlon disciplines. In particular, I'm specialized in developing Mountain Bike technical skills with the purpose to allow new triathlete and road triathlete to enter in the cross triathlon races. For most of them, the main obstacle is the risk and consequent fear to approach the trails like single track, with a safe program we can develop all the technical ability for enjoy such competition. For this reason I've developed a program named Optimal Performance based on four pillars: Mental Coaching, Training, Technical skills and Sport Nutrition. Professional Coaching is an important part of this growing process. In more than a decade of experience, I made coaching with several athlete.

We are made of emotions and we look for highly emotional experiences. Triathlon is the combination of three exciting disciplines but Xtriathlon that increase excitement at highest level. My role is assist athletes in developing to their full potential with a specific and internationally recognized method: COACHING.  In a complete Coaching process I support Cochee to learn rather than being directly taught. It is not about telling someone what to do, rather the coachee “does acquire the facts, not from the coach but from within himself, stimulated by the coach”. Using open questioning a coach facilitates self-awareness and self-directed learning. The Coach identifies and builds upon an individual’s knowledge and intrinsic motivation to get them to their own outcomes. Training could be part of the Coaching process, but is only one step of a long stair that lead to the top.  


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