XTERRA Certified Coach

Lara Buttigieg

Zurrieq, Malta
High Level Coaching Experience

As a coach:

I have no high level experience as yet, and my experience revolves mostly around young kids. I coach a local (Malta) triathlon nursery called PAAT (Pembroke Athleta Athletics and Triathlon) club, whereby our focus is mainly on sportsmanship, skills, coordination and lots of fun (athletes are under 12 – hence FUNdamental age). In 2020 I set up the Hellfire academy whereby I coached a few beginners in mountain biking, most of whom we saw in Xterra Malta in 2021, despite the long pause of the academy through the Covid months.

As an athlete:

I have been doing triathlon since 2013, but was widely involved in many other sports such as gymnastics, ballet, football and karate ( to mention a few!) I have been doing Xterra races since 2016, the same year I qualified for Xterra World Championships in Maui. I took a leap in 2020 when I delved into Elite Racing, and still racing as Elite now.

I believe successful coaching is one based on enjoyment, then on development of the athlete as a person, and finally on the development of the physical capabilities of the athlete.  I believe in giving autonomy to my athletes where possible, as this helps the athlete mature within the sport and learn how to take decisions.  Enjoyment: I build my sessions around lots of games. This gets my athletes engaged, and hence learn faster and more effectively. Development of the person: In my coaching, I ensure that the athletes work together as a team and respect each other, hence passing on my most important values. I also dedicate sessions around bike maintenance, healthy eating and healthy living as a holistic approach to sport. Development of Physical Capabilities: This depends on the age of the athlete, however I give priorities to coordination and technique primarily before I can build on an endurance base and follow up with strength, power and conditioning. 


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