XTERRA Certified Coach

Helena Karaskova

Praha, Czechia

Cross Country Skiing Coach Level B

Triathlon Licence C

High Level Coaching Experience

I have been training myself for 10 years (before that I was a member of the national cross-country skiing team for 10 years), now for three years I have also been writing training plans for running, obstacle running, triathlon and I work as a coach in the cycling section. I organized cross-country trainings for the public and classic skiing courses for adults and children. I am now a coach in our multisport team called Czech multisport coaching.

I am a World Champion in Cross Triathlon,  2x Winter Triathlon, SwimRun and  Stage Adventure Racing, and I have 2 XTERRA World Championship bronze medals.

I would like to pass on the experience from races and trainings. She helped people on their way to dreams, whether they dream of medals or a great feeling from a job well done. Never give up and trust yourself.


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