XTERRA Certified Coach

George Chanoumis

Athens, Greece

XTERRA Certified Coach

Stages Cycling (indoor cycling) Certified Coach

RealRyder Indoor Cycling Certified Instructor

High Level Coaching Experience

Since 2004 I have been doing MTB training and in 2011 I first got involved in Off-Road Triathlon Races. X2 First Qualified Greek Athlete on the X-Terra World Championship Race in Maui, Hawaii (2013-2014). In 2013 I participated on the X-Terra World Championship in Hawaii and from that point I have been taking part in every X-Terra Race in Greece every year.

x1 XTERRA GREECE CHAMPION (sprint distance) (2019)

x3 Half IRONMAN participant (Barcelona and Greece) (2016, 2019, 2021)

x1 Icon Levigno Extreme Triathlon- Xtri World Tour (Italy, 2021)

My passion for sports and well-being turned me into a role model to my fellow athletes not only in my town but in my country as well. I truly want to inspire upcoming athletes and champions, giving them the physical and mental strength to train properly and to face all the difficulties successfully. My vision is to organize cross triathlon camps around the world, because that is the way to get knowledge about different routes and landscapes (so different techniques), but about different cultures as well.


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