XTERRA Certified Coach

Connie Silvestry

QLD, Australia

XTERRA Certified

Level 2 Performance Coach Triathlon Coach

Cert 3 & 4 Personal Training

Level 1 MTB PBMI

First Aid

Blue Card for Training Kids Clearance

High Level Coaching Experience

I've been coaching and competing myself for 20years in Offroad Triathlon and mountain biking. I've been to 8 world championships myself and countless for my athletes. I coach Elites and Age group athletes in both road and offroad triathlons. From National placing athletes to professional X-terra series placing. I have a mix of Mountain bikers in my squad from Elite Enduro rider to x-country mountain bikers. XTERRA is a versatile sport and has a high cross over into other sports.

I also have athletes just wanting to improve their personal best times and wanting to make changes for their lifestyle.

I also coach at school, where I coach primary children which are just keen to learn how to ride their bikes and hit the trails. Which is very highly rewarding and such a positive experience.

I believe in the athlete being congruent with who they are on the inside, as they are on the outside. What an athlete believes deep down they will become. I coach self awareness and accountability of actions. The athletes I coach are comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you aren't being challenged you aren't learning. I have a positive training environment, training is a way of life and an enjoyable process which is my passion.


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