September 16, 2023
Ameland Island

Sprint Triathlon

The information on this page is not yet confirmed, and may be based on the previous years' edition.

XTERRA NL Sprint is this year's host of the Dutch Championship Junior Athletes (16-19 years old). The sprint distance allows everyone to try out the full excitement and adventure of the XTERRA Triathlon.


This courses below are not yet confirmed, and subject to change.
Click through to see the swim course map and read the course description.
1 loop 500m
Bike - 17.5K
Click through to see the bike course map, description and download the GPX file.

1 loop 17.5KM

Note: There are no official mountain bike routes on Ameland, use is only allowed during the event.

Run - 5K
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1 loop 5KM
Video Preview:
Video Preview:
Bike - 17.5K
Video Preview:
Run - 5K


This schedule is not yet confirmed, and subject to change.
Fri 2023.09.15
Sat 2023.09.16


This information is not yet confirmed, and subject to change.

Dutch Junior Champs 2023

Top 3 Male & Female (16-19 years)

Trophy 🏆

Top 3 Male & Female Overall


The fees below have not yet been confirmed, and are subject to change.


Description Fee
XTERRA NL Sprint (01/01/23 - 28/02/23) € 57.50
XTERRA NL Sprint (01/03/23 - 30/06/23) € 67.50
XTERRA NL Sprint (1/07/23 - 31/08/23) € 77.50
XTERRA NL Sprint Relay (01/01/23 - 28/02/23) € 77.50
XTERRA NL Sprint Relay (01/03/23 - 30/06/23) € 87.50
XTERRA NL Sprint Relay (1/07/23 - 31/08/23) € 97.50
Day License € 9.50

Registration includes: Boat ticket, Professional time registration, medical assistance, aid care, medal and finish shirt.

Discount: € 22.50 participants with address on Ameland (no boat ticket)

Participants XTERRA JUNIOR S 12+ & 14+ or XS 8+ & 10+ register on September 17 via


The information below may be from a previous edition of the event, and is subject to change.


Participants of all race series must register at the race office on Ameland by presenting a valid proof of identity and triathlon license. With the registration, you will receive the participation package with: 

  1. Run bib number

  2. MTB bib number

  3. Swimming cap

  4. Wristband, 

  5. Helmet sticker

  6. Transition Bag 

  7. Tattoo number stickers (2)

  8. Transponder for time registration

  9. Ticktes for Finish Meal (Full-individual)

  10. Extra tickets for Finish Meal and/or Pasta Party


  • Wear the Run bib number only during run part of the race and attach it to the front of the shirt. Prepare the Run bib number in change Transition zone T2.

  • Attach the MTB-bib number on the front of the mountain bike handlebar.

  • Wear the swimming cap visibly during the swimming part.

  • Wear the Transponder with included strap visibly attached to the ankle.

  • Use the wristband to get access to the participants' zone. The wristband is also the ticket for the finish meal for participants of XTERRA NETHERLANDS FULL.

  • Attach the Number sticker on the left side of the helmet.

  • Transition Bag is for use in Transition zone T1. Yellow bag for participants of XTERRA NETHERLANDS SPRINT & SPRINT RELAY and blue bag for participants of XTERRA NETHERLANDS FULL RACE and RELAY.

In the Transition zone T1 at the port you can check in on the day of the competition from the stated time. Your bike and helmet are checked here. You have to prepare the running gear yourself at Transition zone T2 at the changing and finishing location in the Vleijen (XTERRA NETHERLANDS VILLAGE).


Every participant, with the exception of persons with an address on Ameland, will receive a boat ticket for passenger transport and MTB transport on the ferry operated by Wagenborg Passagiersdiensten. For more information, see the Travel section. 

The ticket is valid until September 17, 2023, for the crossing from Holwerd (including the days before).

The boat ticket will be sent on 7 September to the specified address of participants who have registered before 1 September, excluding those with an address on Ameland.
Participants from abroad will receive the tickets via their email address.

Each team of XTERRA NETHERLANDS RELAY and SPRINT RELAY receive one boat ticket. Other team members must arrange boat tickets themselves.


The information for the participants will be sent via the newsletter one week before the event to the email addresses provided.


The Sprint start is on the water’s edge of the port of Nes.

All other race series start on the road near the start arch. These participants first walk about 60 meters after the starting shot before they enter the water.

Check the location map XTERRA NETHERLANDS


All races will be held under the auspices and rules of the Dutch Triathlon Association.

  • Article 19 of the competition rules contains specific matters concerning the cross triathlon.

  • On Ameland it is mandatory to wear a swimming cap issued by the organization.

  • Since 2015, the ITU regulations state: “Draft legal events: Drafting is forbidden of a different gender athlete.”

  • Aero bars are not allowed (see rules ITU art. 19.4 f,g, h and i).

  • Bar ends are allowed only on the ends of the te handlebar.

  • So-called beach steering handlebars are not permitted during XTERRA NETHERLANDS.

View the Dutch Triathlon Association Competition regulations.


After each part of the Relay each team member hands over the transponder to the next athlete in Transition zone T1 and T2. This must be done in the UNIVE Transition Box.

In T1 the transition box is at the entrance. Swimmer hand over the transponder to the cyclist. In T2, the transition box is at the exit, at the start of the run. Cyclist first puts the MTB in the right place and walks to the exit where the transponder is transferred to the next team member.


Each participant will receive in the participation package a Transition bag presented by Nes Cafe Ameland for use in Transition zone T1.

The participants are obliged to put all their belongings in the designated numbered bag after swimming and to place it after their change on their designated place in the transition zone. All other items are removed from the transition zone.

After the change, the bags are collected by the organization and brought to Transition zone T2 and placed under the corresponding number.


A maximum of 700 individual athletes can participate (XTERRA NETHERLANDS: 400 and SPRINT: 300). The maximum number of teams (RELAY and RELAY SPRINT) is set at 100.



All participants XTERRA NETHERLANDS SPRINT must finish before 11:00 pm.

All participants XTERRA NETHERLANDS FULL and RELAY must finish before 12:50 pm.


All participants of XTERRA NETHERLANDS SPRINT must finish before 1:00 pm.

All participants XTERRA NETHERLANDS FULL RACE and RELAY must finish before 3:45 pm.


All participants of XTERRA NETHERLANDS SPRINT must finish before 1:45 pm. At 12:30 pm the course and finish for XTERRA NETHERLANDS SPRINT participants will be closed and the posts will be abandoned.

All participants XTERRA NETHERLANDS FULL RACE and RELAY must finish before 5:00 pm. At 5:00 pm the course and the finish for participants XTERRA NETHERLANDS and RELAY will be closed and the posts will be abandoned.

If the relevant times are exceeded, you are requested to stop the competition. This is in connection with your own safety, the course will no longer be fully monitored from the aforementioned times.


XTERRA NETHERLANDS uses Racetimer / Chronotrack timekeeping system to record swimming, cycling and running times.

Every participant is obliged to visibly wear the (rental) transponder on the ankle, not under the wet suit. Required ankle straps are supplied with the transponder.

The (rental) transponder for time registration will be issued when the participation package is collected from the competition secretariat.

The transponder must be returned to the organization after the finish. If the transponder is lost or not returned, an amount of € 50.00 will be collected.

View the location map XTERRA NETHERLANDS


Participants have access to the Transition zone T1 and Transition zone T2 by showing their starting number and participation band. Take into account other participants within the Transition zone who are (still) busy with their competition.

Follow the instructions of the volunteers and jury.

The use of the Transition bag in Transition zone T1 is mandatory. The bag is transported to Transition zone T2 by the organization.

You can place the walking gear in Transition zone T2. Don’t forget to place your starting number here. Use of a (plastic) crate is permitted.

Bags and / or other obstacles will be removed from the Transition zone.


The MTB trails are marked with blue arrows and the running trails with red arrows.

Op splitsingen en/of kruisingen staan grote XTERRA-aanduiding borden.

View the track signs




RUN: KM 0, KM 2.5, KM 5, KM 7.5



RUN: KM 0, KM 2.5


While swimming, a wetsuit is mandatory at a sea temperature of 16C or less. We recommend that you always swim with a wetsuit during the XTERRA NETHERLANDS due to the new and often unpredictable circumstances in the Wadden Sea.


Read the tips from Joep (PDF) on how you can prepare your bike for the race and taking care of your bike after the race.


Click on a marker for more information.



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