August 25, 2024
XTERRA Japan Marunuma

Trail Run Half Marathon 32K

Trail Half Marathon

The information on this page is not yet confirmed, and may be based on the previous years' edition.

This is a 32K hard and technical course that combines the XTERRA JAPAN Nenouekogen bike course and run course. This is a qualifying race for the XTERRA Trail Run World Championship.

Registration opens on
Dec 1
Registration Closes on
Jul 1
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This schedule is not yet confirmed, and subject to change.
Fri 2024.08.23
Sat 2024.08.24
Sun 2024.08.25


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All Finishers


The fees below have not yet been confirmed, and are subject to change.
Registration from Dec 1st, 2023 - Jun 30th, 2024.


Description Fee
Trail Half Marathon (Early Bird) JP¥ 7,650
Trail Half Marathon (Standard) JP¥ 9,000
Trail Half Marathon (Late) JP¥ 10,800
  • A system acceptance fee will be added to the entry fee according to the entry system rules.

  • Will be required to submit the “Participation Pledge”, “Health Check Sheet”, and “”Vaccination certificate or Certificate of testing (Obtained within one week)” when you receive your race kit.

  • If the race is cancelled due to the declaration of a state of emergency caused by COVID-19, we will refund the amount after deducting the necessary expenses.

  • Cancellation after payment is not accepted for any reason (including cancellation for the convenience of the organizer).

  • We do not accept applications on the day of the event, so please enter the event within the application period.

  • University is for adults and children at the same time, but the price for children is at the children’s rate.


The information below may be from a previous edition of the event, and is subject to change.

Technical Rules


  • You can make your way through by swimming or floating and also you can take rests to perch on buoys or course rope during swim leg however, you cannot plow through by holding the coursed rope.

  • Paddles and fins are not allowed.

  • Wearing a provided swim cap is mandatory.

  • Wetsuit should need under the following conditions:

Elite: not allowed when over 22°C (72°F), needed at or under 19°C (66°F)

Amateur: not allowed over 28°C (82°F), needed at or under 21°C (70°F)

Note: The above are water temperature. The regulations may change under race day’s weather and land conditions.


  • You cannot make your way other than with riding, carrying and pushing your MTB.

  • Only mountain bikes are legal for competition. Cyclo-cross bikes are not allowed. No drop handlebars are allowed. No aero bars are allowed. All bikes must have 26",27.5" and 29" wheels.

  • Fasten your helmet strap before you ride your MTB and unfasten it after you get off your MTB.

  • Do not disturb and move to the side as soon as possible when you are being passed, especially when you are on single truck.

  • Safety is No1 priority. Do not pass other rides aggressively when the course is not safety enough.

  • Drafting is allowed.

  • When you get trouble during the raced, basically you have to fix by yourself.

  • Do not litter the course and disturb other competitors and nature.

  • Do not ride on pavement road.

Trail Run

  • Put a provided Race No# on your front. Wearing a race belt is allowed.

  • You can make your way through by running, walking and crawling but do not use any instruments to help your way through.

  • Safety is No1 priority. Do not litter the course and disturb other competitors and nature.

General Rules


  • Do not get on your MTB until you pass the designated line.

  • Get off your MTB before the designated line.

  • You can put your MTB and your belongings only marked area with your race No#.


  • Foul riding or running, unsportsmanlike behavior or use of profane or abusive language is grounds for warning, relegation, disqualification.

  • Violating or littering the race course or the race compound is also grounds for warning, relegation, disqualification.


  • Protests of any nature must be submitted within one hour of the finish time of the person lodging the protest. Protests must be submitted in writing and signed by the accuser. Saying somebody cut the course is not good enough - it must be written and described as accurately as possible. All protests will be invested. Because of the name of XTERRA, it is not always possible to see in fraction. In every case there will need to be verification of the infraction. Officials will not be drawn into "hear-say" argument.


  • No type of sound device is allowed during competition. Examples: no headsets, tape players, CD players, MP3 players or 2-way radios may be worn.


  • Penalties will be determined by the severity of the infraction. The minimum penalty will always be 2 minutes. The maximum penalty will be disqualification from the results of the event.

Cut-Off Time

  • Check at the briefing on the day of the race.

Last comment

  • Have a great joy and finish with a smile!


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