XTERRA Certified Coach

Mimi G Stockton

Stevensville, MI, United States

XTERRA Certified

USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach

Total Immersion Level 1 Swimming Coach

ICP Level 1 Mountain Bike Coach

Certified AFAA Personal Trainer

High Level Coaching Experience

I coach all levels of triathletes, from beginners to podium age-groupers. I have taken a complete beginner in off-road triathlon from the starting line of their first XTERRA to the starting line of Maui in one season. I have also coached several athletes who have raced at the international level. Every athlete is important in my eyes--whether the goal is to win a world championship or just finish an XTERRA--and while I may coach each individual a bit differently, my philosophy of wanting to help them do something epic, never changes.

As a current off-road triathlete I understand that training and racing can be grueling at times, and trying to fit it in with work, family and other obligations can seem daunting. I work to ensure my athletes lead balanced lives. I will push them physically and mentally but at the same time, I never underestimate the importance of a sense of balance and well-being. I hope to instill my competitive spirit and the importance of having a goal in all the athletes I coach. I truly believe that becoming a successful athlete is possible for anybody as long as they have perseverance and desire.


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