Judy Abrahams - XTERRA Warrior

Since 2003 XTERRA has honored a member of its Tribe that has shown exemplary courage in the face of adversity, gone above and beyond to help the greater community, or personified the “Live More” spirit.

This year, at the Night of Champions dinner on Friday night at the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua the honor went to Judy Abrahams from Alaska, Anchorage.

Ten years ago Abrahams was in a bike-car collision that ultimately led to the amputation of her leg, but she never gave up and has been an inspiration to everyone around her.

“The bad days don’t last forever,” said Abrahams, a two-time PC division XTERRA World Champion. “You have to look forward to good days, and when you’re having a good day take advantage of it. Get outside, get a hold of your friends and do something fun.”

Abrahams was joined on stage at the dinner with an all-star cast of physically challenged athletes racing at the XTERRA World Championship tomorrow including Beth Price, Pepe Candon, John Davis, Ed Fattoumy, Michel Gonon, Mohamed Lahna, Nick Roumonada, and Sergio Silva.

“Everybody has struggles and everybody has hard things, and you can’t compare yours to anybody else’s because their yours,” said Abrahams. “Own it, accept it, but don’t dwell on it. Just say ya know, today is a bad day but tomorrow is going to be better. And it will be.”