XTERRA Couch to Trail Program

Over the past 20 years thousands of athletes have discovered the thrill of running trails and racing off-road with XTERRA. the goal is to get thousands more into the sport and expose the “Live More” lifestyle to a whole new generation of athletes.

“XTERRA is a great way to discover your own backyard, increase your fitness, live longer, and meet some really great people,” said XTERRA President Janet Clark.

To help newcomers get started this season XTERRA is rolling out the “couch to trail” column designed to help first-timers get into the sport. Every other week XTERRA will share ideas just for beginners – from what to wear to where to go.

Get out and go off! Live More!!


SheriAnne Little and XTERRA age group world champion Mimi Stockton of Next Level Endurance are official coaches of XTERRA, and leaders of the XTERRA Couch to Trail training programs.

“Next Level Endurance is a community of athletes from all over the world. We are a team. Alone or together, from beginner 5k to Boston Marathon and 100 Miler, XTERRA racing to Kona qualifier, we strive and we conquer,” said Little. “Next Level lets you experience what we call team and social fitness – connecting and motivating each through our one of a kind global team experience. No matter the weather, the circumstance, day after day, we provide a high-quality training experience that produces results.  Let us help take you to the next level.”

Learn more at www.nextlevelendurance.net