Riverhead Trail Run - Auckland #5


XTERRA Riverhead Trail Run - Auckland #5

Riverhead Forest

August 11, 2019

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There is an endless and ever-changing network of trails in this pine plantation forest. Once again we can expect Riverhead to have a sufficient amount of glorious mud and clay! For the most part, this course is on a clay surface except for the metalled road sections. We recommend wearing shoes with sufficient tread or pairing up with a buddy at the start or out on course for some of the slippery and steeper parts. It's not by any means scary but it sometimes helps runners and walkers, especially those new to the trails to have someone close by to lend a hand.

The mid and short courses are relatively friendly (elevation wise), once you head deeper into the wilderness (from the event base) there are some real lung-busters and some pretty cool views to be had at these heights. Long and Super long participants - be prepared :)

The Auckland XTERRA Series is a series of 6 trail running/walking events within an hour of the Auckland CBD. This series is for anyone who likes to keep fit and be held accountable over the winter months and is all about getting you onto the best trails. You can choose to come along to 1 event, 6 events or any number in between – whatever works for you!

Each Auckland XTERRA Series event offers four distance options:

  • Short (5 - 8km) Run or Walk

  • Mid (10 - 14km) Run or Walk

  • Long (16 - 20km) Run Only

  • Super Long (20km+) Run Only

There's always some challenging but achievable terrain to tame while you're out there, and there will ALWAYS be a cold Speight’s and a hot sausage for you when you get to the finish!


  1. Shakespear Regional Park – Sunday 19 May

  2. Waitawa Regional Park – Sunday 9 June

  3. Waiuku Forest – Sunday 30 June

  4. Totara Park – Sunday 21 July

  5. Riverhead Forest – Sunday 11 August

  6. Hunua Ranges – Sunday 1 September




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