Q: Can you clarify what exactly the new rules are?

A: Every race counts.  Most Points Win. You have to do at least one race in your region AND two races total to qualify for regional champ honors. Win your region, qualify for Maui.  Details here: http://www.xterraplanet.com/uploadedfiles/XAT_RULES.pdf

Q: Don’t you think this new points system just rewards the guy/girl with the biggest bankroll and those who live near a bunch of races? And don’t you think this new points system just makes regional champions a most prolific racer award?

A: When we proposed the idea to count all scores we did research on the effects of the new rule system by implementing it on last year’s results and found in 94% of the divisions (173 out of 184) the regional champion would have been the same whether they counted just their best four races or all of their scores.  In the 11 instances (the 6%) where the regional champ was different, they did 2 or more races than the guy/girl ahead of them. However, in most cases it was still real close, so the guy/girl being chased would have had the chance to pick up another race and get more points.  Yes, in those 11 cases nationwide counting all scores would have rewarded our most loyal, die-hard racers who traveled a lot and supported the series.  We don’t think that is a bad thing.  Plus, the fast guys/girls can score more points with less races, and if you’re fast, there are more chances than ever before – in the U.S. and in 34 other countries – to qualify for Maui.

Q: How do I qualify for Maui?

A: Lots of ways.  Read this: http://www.xterraplanet.com/worlds/qualify

Q: Why did you change the scoring system?

A: To make it easier to understand, easier to track, easier to promote, easier to tabulate, to unify the scoring structures across the world tour, and provide more support for our regional race directors.

Q: What else should we know?

A: To be a regional champion you must race at least two events.

Q: Are the XTERRA America Tour and the XTERRA Pan America Tour the same thing?

A: No. The America Tour consists of 45 races in 30 states.  Goal is to win your region.

The Pan America Tour consists of 11 races in 9 countries.  Goal is to win the tour.

America Tour rules are above, Pan Am Tour Rules are here:

Q: What is the cut-off date for Regional Championship points?

A:  August 31, 2017. It looks like the last race will be XTERRA Wild Ride in Idaho on August 20, 2017.

Q: When will Regional Champions be sent the invite to race at XTERRA Worlds?

A:  Shortly after the final tabulation of points.  If the last race is August 20, you can expect an email invite by August 25.

Q: Will you still allow Regional Champions the opportunity to defer their Maui spot until the next year?

A: No, sorry.  In the spirit of competition, we want to keep the qualifying spot relevant to the year in which it was earned.  New this year XTERRA European Tour Champs, Pan American Tour Champs, and Asia-Pacific Tour Champs are earning qualifying spots too.  We’d like to see all those fast guys and gals from around the world on the line in Maui at the same event to find out who is the fastest in each division in that year.

Q: Do Regional Champions qualifying spots roll?

A: Roll downs will be permitted in instances where the regional champion had already qualified and registered to race at XTERRA Worlds.  Example: Joe Schmoe wins his division at XTERRA Oak Mountain, accepts the Maui spot and registers. He then wins his regional championship and qualifies again but is already signed up. We’ll roll his qualifying spot to the next guy.

Q: I competed in the XTERRA Pan America/USA Championship on September 17, 2016. Will those points be included for the 2017 XAT season? 

A: No, last year’s Pan Am/USA Championship did not award XTERRA America Tour points.  It did, however, award XTERRA Pan America Tour points as the last race in the Pan Am Tour.

Q: How do I qualify for Utah?

A: You don’t need to.  No qualification necessary. All countries welcome.

Q: What happens if I win in Utah?

A: In Utah, the top American finisher in each age group will be honored as the XTERRA USA Champion.  The top overall finisher in each age group, regardless of nationality, will be named the XTERRA Pan America Champion.

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