October 30, 2022
Suzhou, China
XTERRA Taihu Trail Run (Suzhou)

5K Trail Run

The information on this page is not yet confirmed, and may be based on the previous years' edition.

Everyone can enjoy the scenic area of famous Taihu Lake and its surrounding mountains in this 5K Trail Run.


This courses below are not yet confirmed, and subject to change.
5K & 10K Trails

The course will run through Yuyang Mountain and Guangfu scenic spots where the continuous mountains are surrounded by the famous Taihu Lake on its three sides. 

Video Preview:
5K & 10K Trails


This schedule is not yet confirmed, and subject to change.
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This information is not yet confirmed, and subject to change.


The fees below have not yet been confirmed, and are subject to change.


The information below may be from a previous edition of the event, and is subject to change.

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1. Shoes and shirt / top are required at all times on the run course. 
2. Race number must be clearly visible on the front of the runner at all times. A race belt may be used to secure the race number. Failure to wear a race number on the run will result in disqualification. 
3. A runner may run or walk to complete the course. 
4. Outside assistance from a non-participant or spectator is not allowed at any time on the run course. This means no receiving food, hydration, water/ice/sponges for cooling off from any person not directly involved in the event. 
5. Pacing from a non-participant or any kind of motorized vehicle is not allowed at any time on the run course. 
6. No individual or team support vehicle may follow runners around the course.
7. Participants must give way to medical and emergency personnel at all times on the run course regardless of their race standing. 
8. Respect local traffic rules and other vehicles on the road at all times. 
9. Short-cutting and/or cutting trail switchbacks or any part of the course is not permitted and may result in disqualification. A runner is required to stay on the designated trail that is marked and or specified as the racecourse. It is the runner's responsibility to know the designated racecourse. Lack of tape or barrier on the course will not be constituted as an excuse for cutting course. 
10. Runners must complete the entire run course unassisted. Failure to complete the course correctly will result in disqualification.

1. All participants need to present health code to get into the venue.
2. If for any reason a participant cannot finish the race, they must report to the finish line area. This will result in a DNF (did not finish) result. 
3. Consider the safety of yourself and other participants at all times during the race. Treat other participants, race officials, race marshals, medical staff, traffic enforcers, and spectators with respect and courtesy before, during and after the race. 
4. Participants shall refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct, including the improper use of language or conduct directed toward another participant, race official, race marshal, medical staff or traffic enforcer, and spectators. 
5. Any protest relating to race results must be submitted in writing to the Race Director within one hour of the final race cutoff. 
6. For environmental protection, we advocate:
   i) Littering on the course is prohibited. Any item that needs to be discarded, including water bottles, gel wrappers, energy bar wrappers, broken bike parts, inner tubes, or clothing items, can only be discarded at aid / hydration stations.     
   ii) No disposable water cup for this event. Please bring your own water bottle. A folding cup will also be provided in the race bag.
   iii) Alpenstocks and other auxiliary tools is not recommended during the race
7. MP3 players or any kind of personal music / listening devices with headset are highly recommended not to be used at any time during the race for safety concern.
8. Race numbers and race registration CANNOT be transferred. Participants found racing under a different name will be disqualified.
9. In case of severe weather on race day, XTERRA  reserves the right to make the necessary adjustments to the racecourse to ensure the safety of all participants. 


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