September 4, 2022
Coson Bay Resort

Sprint Triathlon


For Sunday September 4th, we will have the Sprint (750m Swim, 15K Bike, 5K Run), with a comfortable swim in the turquoise waters of Coson Bay, a 30k bike route charged with adrenaline, effort tests, rocky terrain and views that you will fall in love with. And finally 10 kilometers of running where you can experience it all.


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Thu 2022.09.01
Fri 2022.09.02
Sun 2022.09.04




As a participant, I am aware and acknowledge that participation in XTERRA SAMANA 2022 will require extreme effort given the nature itself and the medical and physical risks that it entails. I declare that I have the physical capacity necessary to compete in the event and I accept that I AM SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY ACTIONS AND CONSEQUENCES.

As a participant I agree to COMPLY WITH ALL THE RULES contained in the event regulations and I agree to participate in the technical congress to be held before the event starts, in which these rules and regulations will be communicated to me.

As a participant, I hereby formally and expressly declare that I WAIVE ANY ACTION OR RIGHT FOR DAMAGES, INJURIES AND CLAIMS against CARIBBEAN MULTIXPORT SRL, its directors, employees, agents, affiliates, sponsors or medical advisers, acknowledging that they are not responsible for any injury , illness or even death that I may suffer as a result of my participation in the event.

As a participant when placing the equipment to be used in the transition area and / or lockers, I AGREE not to leave ARTICLES OF VALUE OR DOCUMENTS in the same, for which I discharge the organizers of any responsibility for loss of them.

As a participant I AUTHORIZE TO USE MY IMAGE AND NAME through photos, videos or other visual means by sponsors and organizers, both for the disclosure, promotion and / or publicity of the event or its brands, without this giving me the right to compensation for that concept. I also promise not to claim for the use and dissemination of them.

As a participant, I certify that THE DATA PROVIDED IS CORRECT AND I ACCEPT THE USE of them to receive information and promotions related to other events and notifications.

If the participant is a minor, THE CONTACT PERSON, IS THE REPRESENTATIVE AND LEGAL RESPONSIBLE, and who will be supervising the participation of the minor on the day of the event, having read and accepted as the minor's representative, all the conditions that it entails, making in such capacity all the previous declarations and assuming all the commitments indicated above.

As a participant, I understand that THE ORGANIZERS ARE ABLE TO SUSPEND OR POSTEGATE THE EVENT due to factors beyond their control, not seeing and not being responsible for returning the cost of registration or repeating the event.

As a participant I UNDERSTAND THAT THE TERMS OF THIS DOCUMENT ARE CONTRACTUAL and not a simple memorandum or newsletter; that this instrument is a legal document of commitment and that I sign of my own free will.


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