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XTERRA Arizona Trail Run Series

XTERRA Arizona Trail Run Series Registration 

Why run one when you can run six and save?

Receive 15% off when you register for all 6 races.  Register before May 15th and you can race 6 races for the price of 3 race day registrations.

XTERRA Papago Urban Desert Trail Run – 10/13/19 – 26k or 10k

XTERRA San Tan Mtn Trail Run – 11/10/19 – 14-mile or 8k

XTERRA Estrella Mtn Trail Run – 12/15/19 – 20k or 8k

XTERRA White Tanks Trail Run – 1/5/20 – 20k or 8k

XTERRA McDowell Mtn Trail Run – 2/2/20 – 15-mile or 7k

XTERRA Black Canyon Trail Run -  3/8/20 – 1/2 marathon or 10k

You can mix and match distances but Point Series Standings will be determined separately for long and short distances.


The XTERRA Arizona Trail Run Series is proof that cactus and dry heat aren’t the only things you can find in the Arizona desert. There are also some quality trails and fast runners.

The Arizona Series made its debut on the XTERRA Trail Run schedule in 2011 and has been going strong since. Due to its unique climate and geography, the races in the Arizona Series offer some of the most challenging conditions in the area.

“Of course, it can get pretty hot out there, so that’s the first thing that comes to mind,” Arizona series director Shannon Lindner said. “But with all the mountains, you can find some great climbing. And in the dry desert weather, the dirt and rocks tend to be loose, so you really have to watch your footing, and that’s hard to do sometimes because there are some very scenic trails.”

Because the heat can get extreme during the summer months in Arizona, the series does not schedule races during that time of the year. The races are usually held in the fall, winter, or early spring.

“During those months, it can actually be pretty nice running weather,” Lindner said. “Especially in the morning.”

Each race in the series offers two or three course distances. All races are open to runners of all ages and skill levels.

Most of the runners are from Arizona, but it is open to runners from anywhere. John Fitzgerald and his girlfriend, Hannah Riedl, made a trip from Montana to enter an XTERRA Arizona race recently and said they would like to make it an annual event. Fitzgerald said he put on an XTERRA temporary tattoo on his shoulder for the race and joked that he didn’t want to shower after the event because he didn’t want the tattoo to come off.

“I love the atmosphere and the attitude that the racers have,” Fitzgerald said. “And we got to enjoy the area that we were racing in — we camped during our stay in Arizona. We definitely want to come back.”



Amateur Standings



2020 Arizona Trail Run Series Schedule


2020 Arizona Trail Run Series Rules

Become a Series Champion

1. XTERRA Racing Age is the age you will be on August 31st of the series season. (The old date was December 31.) We need to fix a firm age for the year so people won’t race in January at one age and in August at another if they have a birthday in-between.  For example:  If you are 29 in Feb, but turn 30 on Aug. 20th, you will be racing in the 30-34 division all season.

XTERRA Trail Run Series age groups: <9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+, Physically Challenged.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Races scheduled after September 1, will become part of the following year’s XTR Series.

2. Enter as many XTERRA Trail Runs as you can – In order to be eligible for the XTERRA Regional Champion title for your age group, you must compete in at least two trail runs within a given series. You should run in as many events within the regional series as possible to score maximum points.

If your regional series consists of 3 races, all 3 races will count towards your points

If your regional series consists of 4 or more races, we will drop one of the events from your score:

  • If there are 4 races in your Series, your final score will be calculated based on your top 3 races.
  • If there are 5 races in your Series, your final score will be calculated based on your top 4 races.
  • If there are 7 races in your Series, your final score will be calculated based on your top 6 races.

It’s not mandatory that you race in all events in your Series, but your chances of winning the region are much better if you do.  You will be allocated “0” points for races in your Series that you do not enter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there are two race distances offered on the same day, only the longer distance event counts for points.  For example, if there is a 5k and a 15k race on the same day, only the 15k will count for points. Exception: All races 21km and over will receive points. For example, if there is a 21km and a 42km race, both will get points.

3. Accumulate Points –Points are awarded to the top 15 finishers in each age group. Please see the points breakdown below. Current standings will be posted after each event.  Points stay within the region you raced in and do not transfer (For example – if you won XTERRA Thrill in the Hills you’d get 100 points in the Georgia Series. Then you won the XTERRA Mission Gorge Trail Run and earned 100 points in SoCal Series.  You would have 100 points in each Series).

XTERRA TRAIL RUN SERIES POINTS- awarded to each age group

  • 1st – 100
  • 2nd – 90
  • 3rd – 82
  • 4th – 75
  • 5th – 69
  • 6th – 63
  • 7th – 58
  • 8th – 53
  • 9th – 49
  • 10th – 45
  • 11th – 41
  • 12th – 37
  • 13th – 34
  • 14th – 31
  • 15th – 28

4. Count ‘em Up! –  The athlete with the most points- by gender and age group- after the last race in the Series earns the title of XTERRA Trail Run Series Champion and earns free entry into the XTERRA National Championship in Ogden, Utah in September.  Series Champs can also race for free in the 5k or 10k offered at Nationals if they wish, but only the 21km is considered the national championship race.

6. Tie Breakers – Ties in point standings will be settled by:

  1. Head to Head competition (order of finish from the most recent race in your Series where both/all competitors participated.)
  2. Winner of the most recent race (the highest placing athlete at the most recent race in your series will break the tie).

The XTERRA Trail Running National Championship at Ogden, Utah, is open to runners of all ages and skill levels, even those who do not compete in a regional series during the year. There is no qualifying process. However, only the regional champions are eligible to receive a free entry to nationals.

The XTERRA Trail Running World Championship at Kualoa Ranch, Oahu, Hawaii, is open to runners of all ages and skill levels, even those who do not compete in a regional series during the year. There is no qualifying process.

If it’s not necessary to qualify for Nationals or Worlds, why set a qualifying standard?
Couple of reasons.  1) We wanted to recognize those runners that completed a half-marathon in the time allotted because that’s a great achievement 2) We wanted to tie-in all the half-marathons (your race leads to U.S. Nationals and all of them lead to Worlds) so by the time we get to Worlds we’ll have this great international field of runners with good vibes and great competition  3) Because this is just year nine of the Series, and we believe someday the demand will be such that we’ll have to limit the number of runners in the Championship races (understand that at some parks there are limits to the # of participants you’re allowed to put on a trail). When this happens, qualifying for the Championship races will be necessary.