Lets Meet Sandra Kocúrková, 2018 XTERRA Euro Tour F30-34 Champion

Nov. 23, 2018

She started racing XTERRA in 2016. She qualified for Maui and fell in love with the sport! This year, she decided to try to win her age group and she succeeded! Lets learn more about our Czech age group champion.

XE: Name, Surname, country, occupation, Family status.

Sandra Kocúrková, Czech Republic, Sales Representative and also party graphic designer, I am got married this June.

XE: When, Where and why did you started XTERRA ?

I race XTERRA since 2016, and my first XTERRA race was in Poland. I always loved to race cross country more then road, so I did lot of cross country and MTB marathons but I got bored, so I was looking for something more adventurous. I tried of road triathlon and found XTERRA and that hit it, that was the perfect adventure I was looking for! I fell completely in love with XTERRA

XE: What it means for you to win the Euro Tour, did you plan it ?

It means a lot, its great! Two years ago I would never expect that, but I like to set to myself big goals, so last year after returning from Maui a started to visualise my plans for next race season and to win the Euro Tour was one of my big challenges for this year. I am very happy that I succeeded.

XE: What is your best and worst memory from this XTERRA season ?

I dont think I have any bad memory from XTERRA season, all the races I participated in, were great and I enjoyed them all in my own way. Maybe,  European Championship XTERRA Germany this year is quite very memorable for me as I went to race it after Romania and Poland, so it was third race in a row and I felt really tired. I love and enjoy the race course in Germany, but this year it hurt a lot, I got to the finish almost in tears from pain, and then I found out that I won my Age Group. So after feeling very bad and weak, it kicked me up :-D

XE: What was the best location you visited because of racing XTERRA ?

Each  location has something special and different. I like all of them. But the most surprising city I visited this year because of XTERRA racing, was city of Namur in Belgium. I am not really city person, but this town just enchanted me! Such a beautiful historic place, with amazing citadel above, where the race was held. I really enjoyed racing in this place.

XE: What is your average training volume per week ?

I try as much as I can, as far as I enjoy it! I swim almost every day before work. After work I go for a ride or run. Some day I have two phase of training and some day it can be even three. It really depends what kind of training I have. But I think all amateurs wish to have more time to train and relax.

XE:  Who is for you the best XTERRA ambassador from the athletes you met this season and why ?

I admire all of them but for me it is Helena Karáskova Erbenova. She might not be racing Xterra so much this year, as she focussed on swim-run in this season. She is always motivated and strong in everything she does and still remains very modest.

XE: Did you raced at the XTERRA World Championship in Maui? 

Sadly not this year. I would really love to go, Maui is such a beautiful place and the race has a magical spirit. I went last year, but this year its not going together with our plans. I hope to race Maui again in the future.