Let's Meet Rita Haerteis XTERRA Euro Tour F50-54 Champion

Oct. 13, 2018

XE: Name, Surname, country, occupation, Family status.

My name is Rita Härteis, Germany, I’m a biotechnician working in R&D for a Diagnostic company.

XE: When, where and why did you started XTERRA ?

My first XTERRA race was in Austria, Achensee in 2004. After a plenty of short and long distance triathlon races, by change I discovered the XTERRA series. I immediately fell in love with cross-triathlon, I love mountain-biking and cross running, which never get boring.

XE: What it means for you to win the Euro Tour, did you plan it ?

It’s a great pleasure to win the Euro Tour again (after winning the series in 2005, 2006 and 2010). Initially I was not planning to go for the victory this year, but mid of the season after XTERRA Lake Garda I recognized, that I could make it if I focus on the races in Germany and Denmark because I do not have so much time to travel.

XE: What is your best and worst memory from this XTERRA season ?

I do not have any bad memories with this XTERRA season. All races I attended were great and the weather was perfect ! The thunderstorm at the Lake of Garda was really a pity for the after race party. My best memory was the Denmark competition. The course was a challenge – the seal at the start was awesome. Finishing as the second best amateur was unbelievable.

Haerteis run

XE:  What was the best location you visited because of racing XTERRA ?

Every XTERRA location is unique, but my participations at the world championships on Maui on the old course around Makena beach were unforgettable: I finished second in 2004 and won my age group there in 2005.

XE: What is your average training volume per week?

I train around 10hrs per week (depending on the workload at my job)

XE: Who is for you the best XTERRA ambassador from the athletes you met this season and why ?

I think that all XTERRA athletes are ambassadors because they have this special mindset enjoying exercising/racing in the nature. I love to meet them over the season, I like to maintain but also build up new friendships with poeple sharing this special mindset. If I should mention somebody – it’s my life partner Thorsten, who could not do any XTERRA race this season due to an injury after an accident last year. He has accompanied me at almost all XTERRA races since 2004 not only as a competitor but also as my manager, mechanic, trainings partner and much more J J !

XE: Will you race at the XTERRA World Championship in Maui, if yes what will be your goal there ?

Yes. My last WC was in 2010 on the old course so I’m curious to compete on the new course. I’ll do my best and hope to finish on a good position.