Bernd Kiesel, M50-54 XTERRA Euro Tour Champion 2018

Oct. 5, 2018

Bernd Kiesel belongs to the German "gang" that are racing with us for many years.

With more than 40 XTERRA races under his belt and a Euro Tour title back in 2010, this year he made it again and finished in the top spot f his age group!  

XE: Name, Surname, country, occupation, Family status.
Kiesel, Bernd, Germany, Self Employed, Married

XE: When, where and why did you started XTERRA ?
I started with XTERRA in 2003 with XTERRA Germany and later I started XTERRA Zittau by mistake: I thought it was another city and not 600 km of driving for a short race. Since that i have been 11 times in Zittau and finished roughly 40 XTERRA races. I was racing long distance races in the past but got bored racing on the road. I wanted to do something inside nature. This is how I got involved with XTERRA.
I’ve been a few times to Maui too. I like the spirit and that racers are mostly friends and helpful during the race. It is always a pleasure to meet them before, during and after the races. There is no difference between the fast and the slow athletes. 

XE: What it means for you to win the Euro Tour, did you plan it?
The win was not part of my plan in the beginning, but later after the Czech race I thought I might be able to do it. At single races there are quite a few faster athletes, but to win a series means: strength, consistency, good technique on the bike. You have to be clever, avoid crashes, illness and stress. For sure you need to have luck too. 

kiesel face

XE: What is your best and worst memory from this XTERRA season?
My best memory is the race in Denmark. It was my first time there and I liked the swim and the very tough running course. Poland with the unique cave on the bike course was a great memory and of course the unforgettable Party in Zittau, the best organized race on the tour for me. My worst was the cruel Running course at Lago di Garda or Belgium and my crashes in Malta and Belgium. 

XE: What was the best location you visited because of racing XTERRA?
Mostly all of them has their own charm but Denmark and Poland are very special, Zittau as well. Of Course, Maui is the best location!

XE: What is your average training volume per week?
I train about 10-12 hrs a week. Wish I could do more by I have a business to run and free time is limited. 

XE: Who is for you the best XTERRA ambassador from the athletes you met this season and why?
Myself of course! :-)…Roger Serano is always kind and not arrogant, Richie Schneider inspires me … always happy and laughing, Peter Lehmann is very helpful and Tom Kerner is a guarantee for crazy moments!

XE: Will you go to XTERRA World Championship in Maui, if yes what will be your goal there?
Yes, I will be there! The last years i am searching the perfect race - there are no time or place goals …. I had so many problems in the past,  flat tires, Tsunami, DNF, bleeding toes, so let’s see if this year everything will go well for me!