Ned Overend - XTERRA Hall of Fame

After retiring from mountain biking in 1996 at the age of 40 (he won six national titles and became mountain bikings first world champion in 1990), Overend competed in the first-ever XTERRA in 1996, finishing third. In ‘97 he was second, and in ‘98 and ‘99 he won consecutive World Championships at the ripe young age of 42 & 43. He was also the XTERRA USA Series Champion in 2002. At the 2004 World Championship, at age 50, Overend posted the 9th fastest bike split and placed 21st overall. Midway through the bike course Peter Reid was overheard saying “There’s a 50-year-old in front of me!”

As an XTERRA pro, Ned regularly beat the spandex off guys 10 and 15 years his junior. He was so devastating on the mountain bike that he earned the nicknames of “Deadly Nedly” and “The Lung.” At the end of his XTERRA career, race commentators respectfully called him “The Old Man of the Mountain.”