XTERRA Richmond Swim Clinic

June 14, 2014

Richmond, VA, US

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The swim clinic begins promptly at the start time, and takes about an hour. Our general agenda includes:
  • Gathering - Meet at boat ramp by Tredagar Iron Works
  • Introductions - Get to know, assess experience, and identify who is in which race 
  • Overview - Equipment, course layout, and general hazards in river
  • Current Events - Basic how to regarding swimming in moving water
  • Race Start - Considerations for positioning for solid start 
  • Coursework - Swimming from race start to island in two groups (full and short races)
  • Finish - How to exit course at boat ramp for run to first transition
  • Q&A - Additional tips and tricks 
WHERE: Boat Ramp (between Brown’s Island and Belle Isle walkway)
Thom Stanton swims in Richmond's whitewater for fun, and consults with Team Unlimited on the route and features for XTERRA swim courses each year. Thom's focus is on how to swim efficiently in the current and ways to avoid hidden underwater hazards. 
Coaches from Peluso Open Water will assist with the clinic again. Peluso Open Water trains athletes for open water triathlons and swim only events, along with a second-to-none Masters Swimming program. Peluso Open Water coaches Eric Limkemann and Ed Boyle will lead swimmers around the long course to help them make the most of their big race. 
All participants should be able to swim for at least five minutes continuously without need of assistance or added flotation. This is NOT a learn-to-swim clinic, and basic swim instruction is NOT included.
Form fitting swim suits that reduce drag and river shoes for foot protection are recommended. Due to close proximity of rocks on river bottom, goggles are required.
Through July 1, Peluso Peluso Open Water offers XTERRA athletes a free workout with their Masters program at the state of the art Collegiate School Aquatic Center, and $10 off any Peluso Open Water swimming event. Contact them at PelusoOpenWater@gmail.com for promo codes and information. 

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