Power to the Tower


XTERRA Power to the Tower

Bays Mountain Park

April 02, 2016



Fleet Feet Sports will be holding the second of three races in the XTERRA Tennesse points series. This event offers two races: a 50k, and half marathon (21k) at Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport, Tennessee.  Put this on your calendar...It's not as tough as you may think!! Fun, challenging, and exciting are all words that can describe an XTERRA race and the Power to the Tower will certainly live up to that. Run faster, we hear banjos....and that's exactly what you will hear as Bluegrass Music fills the mountains! Join us for refreshments, drinks, chocolate milk, after the half marathon/50k!! Both races feature nice single track trails that run through the mountain.  The 50k will mostly consist of independent trails with minimal overlap, be on single track for nearly the entire race and feature almost 6000 feet of elevation change.  From the lake to the firetower down the valleys and across the creeks then back across the ridges, this race will certainly be one to write home about! Please note, both the 50k and the Half-Marathon are eligible for XTERRA Series Points!

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