Deuces Wild


XTERRA Deuces Wild

Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

June 09, 2019




WHAT:   XTERRA Deuces Wild

WHEN:  June 9, 2019

WHERE:  Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area,1500 N. Fool Hollow Lake, Show Low, AZ 85901  (map it)  

Known by XTERRA athletes as one of the most exciting races in the XTERRA series, the XTERRA Deuces Wild Triathlon is a race that is great for intermediate racers all the way to professional. With the swim at 6300' and the bike peaking out at 7000', there are plenty of ways to put yourself deep into the hurt locker. Bring your A-Game and get ready to have fun! Started in 2004, the course was designed with help from XTERRA World Champ Jimmy Riccitello. The race starts with an 800m swim triangular swim in Fool Hollow Lake, followed by a 25K bike through the largest Ponderosa Pine forest in the world, and finishes with an 8K trail run that may have a surprise ending!       

  1/1 - 3/31 4/1 - 5/26 5/27 - 6/6 Fri 6/7 Sat 6/8
XTERRA Full $120 $125 $130 $150 $150
XTERRA Relay $190 $200 $210 $230 $230



XTERRA Deuces Wild - June 9, 2019

Distance:  800m swim | 25K bike | 8K run 



XTERRA Deuces Wild Trail Run - June 9, 2019

Distance:  8k Trail Run

View our Trail Run Page



Also offering:

DeuceMan Half Triathlon - 1.2mi swim, 56mi bike, 13.1mi run - 6/8/19

DeuceMan Half Aquabike - 1.2mi swim, 56mi bike - 6/9/18

Deuces Wild Olympic Triathlon - 1500m swim, 40K bike, 10K run - 6/8/19

Deuces Wild Olympic Aquabike - 1500m swim, 40K bike - 6/8/19

Deuces Wild Youth Triathlons - 6/8/19    

     1) 50yd swim, 1.2 mi bike, .55mi run (ages 5-8)    

     2) 200yd swim, 2.75mi bike, 1mi run (ages 9-12)    

     3) 200yd swim, 4.1mi bike, 1mi run (ages 13-15)

Deuces Wild Half-Marathon - 6/8/19

Deuces Wild 10K - 6/8/19

Deuces Wild 5K Run - 6/8/19

Deuces Wild Sprint Triathlon - 800m swim, 10mi bike, 5K run - 6/9/18

Deuces Wild Sprint Aquabike - 800m swim, 10mi bike - 6/9/18


Contact Name:  Debbie Claggett

Contact Email:  info [at]

Contact Phone:  520-661-6127

Note: Please do not contact for questions about this specific race.  Use the email and/or number provided here.


Thanks for your interest in volunteering at the Deuces Wild Triathlon Festival! We have an exciting weekend in store for everyone and it would not be possible without the help of our dedicated volunteers.  

We have many positions available, and we welcome groups.  With 15+ events and our festival spanning both Saturday and Sunday we need a small army of over 300 volunteers and staff to make it all work!

We will also need set-up help the Thursday and Friday leading up to the race, registration help on Friday and Saturday, and tear-down/clean-up after each event.  Each volunteer will receive a meal ticket for the day they work, a volunteer shirt and a snack bag for their shift, plus lots of thanks from grateful participants as they pass by!

We do make donations to groups and organizations, so sign yours up today!

Race Info

Schedule of Events

Friday, June 7

Date/Time Activity Location
1:00pm - 3:00pm XTERRA Deuces Wild Course talk and pre-ride FHLRA - Finish Line Area
2:00pm - 7:00pm Packet Pick-up/Registration FHLRA  - Bluebird Ramada
2:00pm - 6:00pm Wetsuit Demo - Presented by FHLRA  - West Boat Ramp
4:00pm - 4:45pm DeuceMan & Olympic (incl AquaBike) Pre-Race Meeting FHLRA  - Meadowlark Ramada


Saturday, June 8

4:45am Transition Opens FHLRA
5:15am - 7:30am Late packet pick-up (DM, AB & Olympic only ) - NO Race Registration FHLRA  - West Boat Ramp
5:30am - 7:30am Lake packet pick-up (ALL RUN Races only ) - Race Day Registration FHLRA - Bluebird Ramada
5:45am DeuceMan/AquaBike Transition Area closes FHLRA
6:00am DeuceMan - Wave 1 Start (Men, Relays and AquaBike) FHLRA  - West Boat Ramp
6:05am DeuceMan/AquaBike - Wave 2 Start (Women) FHLRA  - West Boat Ramp
7:15am DeuceMan Swim Course closes FHLRA
7:25am Olympic Transition Area closes FHLRA
7:20am 5K Start Start/Finish Line
7:30am Olympic - Wave 1 Start (Men, Relays & AquaBike FHLRA  - West Boat Ramp
7:35am Olympic - Wave 2 Start (Women) FHLRA  - West Boat Ramp
7:45am 10K/Half-Marathon Start Start/Finish Line
8:45am Olympic Swim Course closes FHLRA
9:45am 5K Awards FHLRA  - Meadowlark Ramada
11:00am 10K/Half-Marathon Awards FHLRA  - Meadowlark Ramada
10:30am - 2:30pm Lunch FHLRA  - Meadowlark Ramada
12:00pm All Triathlon Bike Courses Closed FHLRA
2:30pm DeuceMan, AquaBike, Olympic, Sprint Awards FHLRA  - Meadowlark Ramada
3:00pm All Courses Closed FHLRA
4:00pm Youth Triathlon - Wave 1 Start (Ages 5-8) FHLRA  - West Boat Ramp
4:20pm Youth Triathlon - Wave 2 Start (Ages 9-12) FHLRA  - West Boat Ramp
4:40pm Youth Triathlon - Wave 3 Start (Ages 13-15) FHLRA  - West Boat Ramp
5:30pm Youth Awards FHLRA  - Meadowlark Ramada
1:00pm - 6:00pm Packet Pick-up/Registration (Youth Triathlon, XTERRA, Sprint, 8K Run) FHLRA  - Bluebird Ramada
4:00pm - 4:45pm XTERRA Pre-race Meeting FHLRA  - Bluebird Ramada
5:00pm - 5:45pm Sprint Pre-race Meeting FHLRA  - Bluebird Ramada

Sunday, June 9th

5:30am Transition Open FHLRA
5:30am - 6:30am Lake packet pick-up (XTERRA & Sprint only) NO Race Registration FHLRA - Transition Area
6:30am - 7:30am Lake packet pick-up (8K RUN Race only) Race Day Registration FHLRA - Bluebird Ramada
6:55am Transition Area closes FHLRA
7:00am XTERRA - Wave 1 Start (Men and Relays) FHLRA - West Boat Ramp
7:02am XTERRA - Wave 2 Start (Women) FHLRA - West Boat Ramp
7:04am Sprint - Wave 1 Start (Men, Relays and AquaBike) FHLRA - West Boat Ramp
7:06am Sprint - Wave 2 Start (Women) FHLRA - West Boat Ramp
7:45am Swim course closes FHLRA
8:00am XTERRA 8K Trail Run Start Run Chute
9:30am - 12:00pm Lunch FHLRA - Meadowlark Ramada
10:00am XTERRA 8K Trail Run Awards FHLRA - Meadowlark Ramada
10:30am Bike Course Closes FHLRA
10:30am Sprint Triathlon Awards FHLRA - Meadowlark Ramada
11:00am XTERRA Deuces Wild Awards FHLRA - Meadowlark Ramada
12:30pm Run Courses close FHLRA


Course Info - XTERRA Deuces Wild Triathlon

800m swim, 25K MTB, 8K trail run 

XTERRA SWIM COURSE - 800M (CUT-OFF TIME 7:45AM ) Expected water temperature for the race is between 58 & 65 degrees.  Wetsuits are highly encouraged. We do abide by the USAT rules for wetsuit usage, which allows wetsuits to be used in water temperatures up to and including 78 degrees Farenheit. Between 78 and 84 degrees, wetsuits may be used, but participants will not be eligible for age group awards. Elites and Pros may only wear wetsuits in water temperatures up to and including 68 degrees.

The swim will be a triangular course (see map below).  Athletes will begin the race in the water or on the boat ramp depending on the water level on race day.  Wave information including swim start times can be found on our schedule. Once the swim begins, swimmers will proceed from the channel, veering right to the first large buoy. The course will be run in a counter-clockwise direction.  Once you hit the first large buoy, turn left and swim to the second large buoy. Remember to keep all buoys on your left.  At the second large buoy, turn left again and head for the finish.  You do not need to round any buoys as you come back into the channel - just make the turn and head to the boat ramp and swim finish.  For those athletes who would like help removing their wetsuits, volunteers will be available for support.  A designated area will be marked for this purpose.

Swim Course M Map

XTERRA BIKE COURSE ROUTES 24KM (CUT-OFF TIME 10:30AM) We run two courses at our race.  Our standard course and an alternate course in case the forests are closed due to fire danger.  The first year we used the alternate fire course we had a ton of great feedback so both courses are great and have their own distinct challenges!

MAIN XTERRA BIKE COURSE (COURSE DESCRIPTION BY XTERRA WORLD CHAMPION JIMMY RICCITELLO) Once out of the water, you’ll ride a smooth stretch of dirt road that will allow you to get yourself and your bike sorted out.  Make it quick, though, because once you hit the trail, you won’t be taking your hands off the bars much!

The course climbs gently up a bumpy jeep road to the green water tower.  This tower will serve as your beacon on the return trip to signify that it’s a short downhill jaunt to the transition area.  Right now, however, it signifies where the hurting starts.

From the green water tower, you bomb down a rutted jeep road to a sharp left turn. This section is among the fastest, and is not for the squeamish. Don’t get your front wheel caught in a rut or you’ll be head-over-heels for sure.

At the bottom of the hill, you cross a road and ride down into a rocky and sandy wash (dry riverbed…hopefully). You follow the wash to a culvert that takes you to the other side of the road. From there you pass through a gate and into the forestland.

Once through the gate, you gently climb for the next 3 miles on a “bike path-like” trail.  Passing will not be a problem whether climbing or descending. The trail is pleasantly rugged, with just enough rocks, tree parts and ruts to make it fun, and almost enough to piss you off! The scenery changes from forest green to coal black part way up the climb as you ride through a forest of trees ravaged by the Rodeo-Chediski fire.  The black sticks that used to be trees stand as a stark reminder of the fury of Mother Nature.  Right about now you may be wondering if the ghosts of that fire are contributing to the burning sensation rapidly building in your legs as the climb gradually gets steeper.

After the 3 miles of gradual climbing, prepare yourself for 1.5 miles of steep climbing and more leg burning. This climb is very similar to the climb in the XTERRA World Championships in Maui—both the terrain and the steepness. For those of you with designs on the XTERRA World Championships, this course is a must!

The last part of the climb winds up to the top of a knoll and is steep, yet doable. Once at the top, the fun begins!  Just don’t let the course profile fool you; there’s still some work to do.  First and foremost is staying on the trail and out of the woods on the ride down. Second, the hill isn’t quite steep enough to coast down at a fast pace.  All of you speed junkies will have to put a little pressure on the pedals if you want to take full advantage of your max speed potential. And if you’re taking advantage of your max speed potential, you have to pay attention because the turns come quick. One loss of concentration will result in a detour through the trees.

After about 3.5 miles of fast descending, you turn onto a dirt road. You will never be so happy to see a dirt road in your life!  The dirt road is super fast (more descending) but contains just enough ruts to keep you honest.

After a couple more miles and a sharp right down a quick descent, the dirt road turns left onto the “bike path-like” trail on which you started. Once through the Forest Service gate, you head down into the culvert, and proceed to climb back up to the green water tower (your friendly beacon). It’s a short, stiff climb, but once at the top, you are rewarded with a quick downhill into the bike-to-run transition.


Should the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest be closed for fire danger, we will use our alternate course (first used in 2018).  If you have done our race in the past there will be many familiar parts of the course, and with the new two-loop format, it is now extremely spectator-friendly.  The two loops will have a combined 800 feet of climbing and will be the same distance as the original course.

Main Bike Course Map

Alternate Bike Course Map


XTERRA Run Course Route The Trail Run portion of the XTERRA Deuces Wild Triathlon offers athletes a mix of hills and flat terrain.  The run course leaves transition and makes its way to the famous green water tower.  From there a steep descent followed by a challenging ascent will eventually bring you to the dirt trail around Fool Hollow Lake.  After the flat out and back, you will make your way up to the finish chute bringing your race to a close. Should the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest be closed for fire danger, we will use our alternate course (first used in 2018).

Run Course Map

Alternate Run Course Map


There will be several aid stations on both the bike course and run course. At all aid stations for the XTERRA Deuces Wild Triathlon, both water and Gatorade will be available. The following is a list of aid stations and their approximate locations for the XTERRA Deuces Wild Triathlon.  Refer to the maps for general locations of the aid stations.

Transition Area

Mountain Bike Course - Mile 6.5

Trail Run Course - Mile 1

Trail Run Course - Mile 2

Trail Run Course - Mile 3

Trail Run Course - Mile 4




A: Many people camp at the lake (they have full RV hookups and great facilities), stay at one of the many local hotels, or rent cabins.


A: We have a bus that runs every 20 minutes from Show Low High School to the venue.  You will park at the high school and ride the bus over.  A lot of our racers just ride their bikes over to the race site.


A: Yes!  Just be mindful that our course goes through private property and you should avoid these properties while pre-riding.  On race day we have special permission from the owners to use their properties.


Camping And Lodging


Camping at Fool Hollow Lake is available by reservations and IT WILL SELL OUT, so reserve early. Some great park resources are:

Fool Hollow Lake

Camping/RV reservations

The following is the contact information for two additional camping sites in the area. Please call for information and reservations.  Both are within reasonable travel distance to the race site.

Show Low Lake Campground

[928] 537-4126

Navajo County

Lakeside Campground

[877] 444-6777

[800] 280-CAMP National Forest


There is a list of local hotels available on the Show Low Chamber of Commerce website.  All activities will be taking place at Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area.

For USAT members, discounts on Hilton Hotels are available. For a complete listing of all Hilton Hotels, visit their website. To receive the code for the discounted rates, please log in to the USA Triathlon website and click on Member Discounts.


Cool Mountain Vacations has some great rental homes and condos very close to the race venue. Check them out and make your stay a little more comfortable!


The White Mountains are filled with other local accommodations.  Cabins, condos and bed n’ breakfasts will be available for stays. A little research might make your stay in the White Mountains a little more unique and enjoyable than a simple hotel room. We will leave the search up to you, but space is out there - especially if you plan early. Check out and search for Show Low - some of the closer neighborhoods are Bison Ridge, Torreon and Sierra Pines.



Awards - Top 3 for overall winners of each race (except youth race)

Awards - Top 3 in each Age Group (except Relays, Aquabike and run events*) - Male and Female

13-14 [Olympic/Sprint only]














Clydesdale - 200 lbs and over [Olympic & DeuceMan only]

Athena - 165 lbs and over [Olympic & DeuceMan only]

*Aquabike and run events will be awarded overall 1st-3rd place male and female only

*Relays are awarded 1st place only

XTERRA-specific Information

Physically Challenged Division - PC athletes may race in their choice of PC or age group.  Athletes competing in the PC division will not be eligible for age group prizes. Awards will be presented 3 deep in each category & age division.  PC athletes are eligible for XAT points.  There are no PC age group divisions or disability categories.

Club and Team World Champs

Club & Team World Championship

Deuces Wild Endurance Festival is proud to announce the Triathlon Club and Team World Championships!  Well run clubs and teams are hard to come by and the work that all of the members put in deserves some recognition, so we are here to make that happen.  In order for your club or team to participate you must first register your club or team. After the designated person on your club/team has you registered, your members will then be able to select their designated club or team during registration (please allow 72-hours for processing). Awards will be determined by Club Scoring and Team Scoring.



Club: Clubs promote the growth of the sport and provide a social aspect.  If drinking beer and eating good food is as important as training and racing then you are a club. Click here for Club Scoring Details.

Team: Teams are here to kick ass and take names.  If your group eats, sleeps, trains and like to throw down the hammer at races then you are a team. Click here for Team Scoring Details. Collegiate: If you are an officially recognized collegiate club or team.  All members must be currently enrolled in their representative college.  All colleges will race in the TEAM format. High School: If you are on a High School club or team.  All members must currently be in high school or just graduated from high school. All High Schools will race in the TEAM format.


Small: 5-50 Members

Mid: 51-200 Members

Large: 200+ Members


Co-Ed: Mix of men and women

Male: Male only club/team

Female: Female only club/team




Men’s Triathlon Club – Small

Women’s Triathlon Club – Small

Co-Ed Triathlon Club – Small

Men’s Triathlon Club – Mid

Women’s Triathlon Club – Mid

Co-Ed Triathlon Club – Mid

Men’s Triathlon Club – Large

Women’s Triathlon Club – Large

Co-Ed Triathlon Club – Large


Running Club – Small

Running Club – Mid

Running Club – Large Teams


Men’s Triathlon Team

Women’s Triathlon Team

Combined Triathlon Team


Men’s Collegiate Triathlon Team

Women’s Collegiate Triathlon Team

Combined Collegiate Triathlon Team


Boy’s High School Triathlon Team

Girl’s High School Triathlon Team

Combined High School Triathlon Team


Men’s Running Team

Women’s Running Team

Combined Running Team


Men’s Collegiate Running Team

Women’s Collegiate Running Team

Combined Collegiate Running Team


Boy’s High School Running Team

Girl’s High School Running Team

Combined High School Running Team


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