In 1996 mountain biking and triathlon met in a duel of the fittest on the island of Maui, Hawaii. The race was called Aquaterra. It consisted of an open-ocean swim, a mountain bike race, and a trail run. It represented a bold new racing format that attracted outdoor enthusiasts, mostly mountain bikers and triathletes. The mountain bikers brought their laid-back style and bold self-assurance. The triathletes brought their hard-core training and avid dedication. They soon discovered a common spirit and attitude that pulled them together. For as different as they are, neither could resist the challenges and thrills this new multisport offered.

The thrill of running on pure adrenaline through the mountains. The chill of fresh ocean waves streaming over a swimmer’s back. The awesome view mountain bikers get at the top of a dormant Hawaii volcano. These are the elements of a race called XTERRA.

The typical XTERRA is comprised of the following:
1.5K swim
30K mountain bike
11K trail run

XTERRA America Tour
The XTERRA America Tour consists of more than 70 races in the United States. Amateur competitors compete at up to three events to earn points toward an XTERRA Regional Championship title. With this title comes an invitation to compete for a national title at the XTERRA USA Championship in Ogden / Snowbasin, UT. Top finishers in regional and national championships are invited to compete at the XTERRA World Championship in Maui, Hawaii

The XTERRA World Tour
XTERRA holds championship events around the world. Top-ranking athletes from these national championships are invited to compete at the XTERRA World Championship with athletes who qualified in the U.S. series. Pros compete in the XTERRA America Tour and World Tour for some of the richest pro purses in multisport. The most coveted title and largest purse is offered at the XTERRA World Championship.