Meet Miriam Gerber, 2018 XTERRA Euro Tour F35-39 Champion

Dec. 5, 2018

Miriam started racing XTERRA in 2015. She won the Euro Tour in 2016 and finished second behind the powerful Eva Garcia Gonzalez in 2017. This year, she fought really hard with Vanessa Fernandez Fidueira for the title.     

XE: Name, Surname, country, occupation, Family status.
My name is Miriam Gerber from Switzerland.  I am a physiotherapist and I am in a relationship.

XE: When, where and why did you started XTERRA?
My first race was in 2015 at XTERRA Malta. It was great experience to swim with all the athletes in the open water! I started XTERRA as I was inspired by the “Live More” spirit. It was really exciting to go abroad, visit new countries and race. 

XE: What it means for you to win the Euro Tour, did you plan it?
I am so happy to win the Euro Tour. It was not in my plans when I started the season.

XE: What is your best and worst memory from this XTERRA season ?
The best memory are all the amazing and happy people I met in races. We share some great moments together that last forever.  The worst memory was the swim part at XTERRA in Lake Garda. I had some hard time on the swim part but I was very happy at the end! actually I loved the race and the place…maybe i have to return...

XE: What was the best location you visited because of racing XTERRA ?
Every place has its beauties and specials, the olive trees and PIZZA at Lake Garda, the sunsets and feta cheese :-) in Greece, the paradise of Reunion island, the historic town at Scanno in Italy … … … 

XE: What is your average training volume per week ?
I train 7-10 hours per week

XE: Who is for you the best XTERRA ambassador from the athletes you met this season and why ?
All the athletes from the Aloha racing team of course :-) I am very happy and proud to be part of this awesome team, thank you so much for everything! *MAHALO*

XE: Thank you very much Miriam and congratulations!