This is the 2019 XTERRA Euro Tour (Part 2)

In the second part of the 2019 XTERRA European Tour preview we look at the racing in the second part of the season…

Dec. 14, 2018

In the second part of the 2019 XTERRA European Tour preview we look at the racing in the second part of the season…

A new date and a new location for XTERRA Denmark! The race moves from Mons Klint to Aarhus on the 16th of June, an already well-established location for Cross Triathlon. Stay tuned for all the details on this event. 


On the 29th of June competitors will once again visit the Vallee de Joux for XTERRA Switzerland. Organised by Laurent and the local sports council you can expect some fast and furious racing surrounded by some amazing scenery. Conditions have been mixed in the past, so be prepared for any weather! This will be stop number 8 of the XTERRA European Tour and roughly the half way point. 


Stop number 9 of the Tour will be the first GOLD event at XTERRA France on the 7th of July. Gold events carry more prize money, more Tour points and more of the coveted Maui slots for Age group athletes wishing to qualify for the World Championships. XTERRA France is a very hard race, a mass start of over 1000 athletes before a hard and hilly mountain bike that can get muddy in bad weather. The race finishes with a proper trail run with some very technical sections. Let’s also not forget the amazing wooden ramps that the Charbonnier family build every year. 


On July the 21st, the Tour moves to the centre of Italy. Upgrading to a Gold event in 2019, XTERRA Italy Lake Scanno is organised by Massimo, Alex and the famous MTB Scanno team. The race is well known for the fantastic food and drink but also for being one of the hardest XTERRA races in the world. Lots of climbing and extremely technical downhills on both the bike and run make sure that you earn your finishers reward. 


XTERRA Czech hosts the XTERRA European Championships and will take place on the 2-4th of August. One of the oldest XTERRA races on the circuit the Pilousek family have created an amazing event with a music festival, excellent race coverage, and new for 2019 a short course event the day after the Championship race. The course has a really good mix of everything, providing a challenge to everyone without being too difficult. A perfect balance for the biggest event of the 2019 European tour. 


XTERRA Poland is the next stop on the 12th of August. The race is located close to the historic city of Krakow around an old mine now full of clear and clean water. The mountain bike course is very twisty and requires technical skill for a fast bike split. The run is also technical with lots of steep up and downs around the landscape created by the mining activity.


The O’SEE Challenge on the 17th of August plays host to XTERRA Germany. A whole weekend of endurance sport combined with a huge music festival that the whole town of Zittau really get involved in. ‘Benno’ and his team put on a brilliant event but be ready to swim without a wetsuit and ride a long bike route deep into the forest before running a really fast loop around the lakeside. The post-race party is also one to remember!


Stop number 14 will be a new race for the XTERRA European tour. XTERRA Luxembourg on the 1st of September will be organised by well-known XTERRA athlete Olivier Fellmann with the help of the XTERRA Belgium crew. The finer details of the course are still being worked on, but it will be a river swim followed by a rocky mountain bike with some slippery sections, followed by a technical and hilly run.    


The last stop on the XTERRA European tour will be another new race. Again, the Belgium team are working with local organiser Casper to host XTERRA Netherland in Ameland on the 15th of September. As you would expect, this Dutch race will be very flat and very sandy! The sea swim will probably be quite choppy, followed by a sandy bike which in the wet can become quite hard if the sand becomes soft. The run will be fast, but you’ll be running on the beach in places. Perfect preparation for that final mile in Maui! This race has been running for 17years and has previously played host to the ETU Championships, so we are sure it will be a great success. 


We cannot wait to get the 2019 season started, XTERRA racing is always an adventure!  For more information please visit