XTERRA Battle at Big Creek, a Georgia Tradition

This is the tenth anniversary of this favorite race in the XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series.

Oct. 16, 2018

In less than two weeks, the XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series continues with the XTERRA Battle at Big Creek 8/16K on October 27th.

The races take place at Big Creek Trails in Roswell, Georgia, located north of Atlanta. Both the ten-mile and five-mile courses feature well-maintained single and double track, some technical rocky sections, and a chance to experience the beauty of autumn with fellow trail lovers.

This is the 10th year the race will be held, and like all trail races, you will see a mix of experienced runners and those who are off the beaten track for the first time.

XTERRA Georgia Regional Trail Run Champ, Stephen Havard, has been running on the dirt since 2012 when he competed in the XTERRA Deep South 15K.

“The trails are so engaging and challenging,” he said. “Running and racing in the trail environment is an experience that words can’t do justice. The XTERRA Georgia races are always special because race director Tim Schroer and his crew provide an experience like no other.”

Havard finished third in the XTERRA Fort Yargo 8.75 mile race on October 13th with a time of 1:02:24. Kenyrik Alexis won the men's division with a time of 1:00:45 and Allen Bray was second in 1:01:51.

“I’d like to give a big shout out to Allen Bray,” said Havard. “He and I are always competing together at these races which is a lot of fun.”

In the women’s race, Cathy Gable won with a time of 1:08:21 while Wendy Mader was second in 1:09:08. Johanna Kiehl was third in 1:09:37.

Joe Whalley won the 3.10-mile race with a time of 18:05. Mitch Novy was second in 19:01 and Brian Gaddy was third in 19:27. In the women’s division, Jenny Turner was first in 21:15. Paola Caglioni Windham was second in 24:42 and Jessica Gerard was third in 25:58.

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