XTERRA SuperKid on September 30th

Sep. 21, 2018

It used to be that triathlon was a sport for “when you are older.” Back in the day, it was assumed that before you put three sports together, you had to be good at each of them individually.

Today, races like XTERRA SuperKid in Santa Cruz are changing that. Held on September 30th, XTERRA SuperKid is open to any child under 15. For kids six and under, there will be a special fun race to build their confidence and allow them to fall in love with the sport.

“It doesn’t matter if your child is already an athlete or just starting to engage in sports,” said race director Penni Bengtson. “XTERRA SuperKid has always been about building strong bodies and healthy kids. This means getting off the couch and away from their screens.”

The race is known for being well-organized, fun, and safe. The swim will be held at the Simpkins Family Swim Center in the pool. Kids ages 7-15 will ride and run on the dirt trails next to the Simpkins Family Swim Center. This age group should be able to complete the course on their own and bring a mountain bike, fat tire, or cyclocross bike.

Five and six-year olds will get a taste of the trails but will mostly stick to riding on a parking lot course where parents are visible. Three and four year olds will also stick to the paved course, and all kids six and under are welcome to have a parent or sibling help them for the entire course, including the pool.

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