Let's Meet Pierric Brochet XTERRA Euro Tour M25-29 Champion

Sep. 24, 2018

He is one of our strongest amateur athletes the last years. He had an impressive overall AG win last year at the XTERRA European Tour Championship in Denmark and finished second this year in Zittau, Germany.

This season he captured the title in the M25-29 category and want to continue his great season with the title in Maui! 

XE: Name, Surname, country, occupation, Family status.
My name is Pierric Brochet from France and I am a winemaker! 

XE: When, where and why did you started XTERRA ?

I raced my first XTERRA in 2015 in France 

XE: What it means for you to win the Euro Tour, did you plan it ?

I am so happy with my victory! It was part of my plan for this year along with the XTERRA European Championship in Germany and of course the World Championship in Maui.  

XE: What is your best and worst memory from this XTERRA season ?

My best memory was my race in Greece and my worst was when I DNF in Belgium


XE: What was the best location you visited because of racing XTERRA ?

The best location discovered this year was Greece.

XE: What is your average training volume per week ?

I train around 15hrs per week 

XE: Who is for you the best XTERRA ambassador from the athletes you met this season and why ?

From the people I know, I would say Emilie le Fur. She is always keen t organise the trips to the races and to help anyone

XE: Will you race at the XTERRA World Championship in Maui, if yes what will be your goal there ?

Yes I will go to XTERRA World Championship in Maui!! Its one of my goals to win the title in my AG

XE: Thank you very much Pierric and congratulations!