Destination Race: XTERRA Trails in Thailand

Sep. 11, 2018

On November 18th, XTERRA is traveling to Thailand for the XTERRA Nong Yai 50K/25K/10K/3K. With distances for everyone from the casual jogger to the hardcore ultra runner, the XTERRA Nong Yai Trail Run is a true adventure.

Nong Yai is a small district in the Chonburi province in southeast Thailand. The area is still undiscovered by much of the world and the mountain trails are mainly used by farmers traveling over the mountains. The race course will take you through these traditional trails where you can experience challenging climbs and fantastic views of the surrounding land.

The XTERRA Nong Yai Trail Run is a true destination race where you see a magical part of the world that is still a bit of a secret. The rich heritage and culture of Thailand will welcome you with incredible food, magnificent temples, and a glimpse into another way of life.

What to Do in Nong Yai

Chao Mae Kuan Im Shrine - Located just a few miles from the race course, the Chao Mae Kuan Im Shrine is a Chinese-style Buddhist temple. Dedicated to the goddess of compassion, and offering a great view of the mountains beyond, this temple is easily accessible and includes many beautiful statues of dragons and warriors. 

Suan Lamai, Kingdom of Fruit on the Mountain - This wonderful family destination includes a beautiful pagoda and gardens at Phra Samut Chedi Klang Nam as well as Brookside Valley Resort. Brookside Valley Resort is located about 15 miles from Rayong City Center and includes lovely restaurants, a luxurious hotel, an outdoor pool, and loads of family fun at Brookside's Adventure Land. 

Khao Chong Wildlife Development and Conservation Park - Khao Chong Wildlife Development and Conservation Park is a little over 12 miles from the city of Trang. In addition to a Botany Museum and Exhibition, the park is home to numerous trekking trails. While there is plenty to see along the way, from rare foliage to wildlife, undoubtedly the highlight of these trails are the three main waterfalls that are found along their paths: the Ton Yai, Ton Noi, and Ka Chong waterfalls. Most of the trails commence from the park’s headquarters.

There are several communication channels on FacebookInstagram, and Youtube to get information directly from the race directors who can guide both locals and expats.

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