Kulas and Plungis Win XTERRA Steep Rock 50K

Aug. 9, 2018

Toby Kulas and Susan Plungis won the XTERRA Steep Rock 50K on August 4th in Washington Depot, Connecticut. Kulas won with a time of 6:09:13 while Jason Leonard was second in 6:30:33. Seth Parrish was third in 6:31:08.

For the women, Plungis won with a time of 6:58:50. Nicole Sassu was second in 7:00:40 while Laney Baris was third in 8:04:26.

XTERRA Steep Rock traverses some of the most historical trails in the country. Near the north end of Steep Rock Park lie the vestiges of carriage roads and the site of The Holiday House, which was built by Edward I. Van Ingen as a retreat for young working women from New York City. The course includes the old suspension bridge that used to carry some of these women from the train to the Holiday House carriages that waited for them.

Along the run, athletes also had a view of 19th-century iron ore mines, blast furnaces, and an old granite quarry.

In addition to the 50K, there were also 25K, 10K, and 50-mile trail runs.

Will McDonough won the 25K in 2:33:23 while Charles O’Connor finished second in 2:36:48. Josh Golden was third in 2:46:31. For the women, Caitlin Roston crossed the line first in 2:38:25 while Charlotte Luckey was next in 3:13:55. Hayley Veal was third in 3:13:58.

Kevin O’Brien won the 10K in 46:44. Robert Dupree was second in 54:42 while James Whitehead was third in 55:26. For the women, Gabrielle Czernik and Rachel Mara crossed the line together in 1:04:19. Amber Brickl was third in 1:14:52.

And let's not forget the four intrepid trail runners who took on the 50-miler (80K), which required almost a full day on the course. Charles Roche won it with a time of 8:42:30 while Matt Freimah was second in 9:41:17. Ryan Lange was third in 10:46:48 and Eric Marsh was fourth in 11:42:48.


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