XTERRA Atlantic Season Finale at XTERRA Appalachia August 5th

Jul. 29, 2018

As the slow and lazy days of August unfurl, XTERRA Atlantic Region athletes keep getting faster and faster. While the XTERRA Atlantic Series is heavily loaded in May with XTERRA Jersey Devil May 6 in Barnagat, NJ, and both XTERRA Charlottesville and XTERRA Way Over Yonder on May 19th, athletes can earn points at any XTERRA event after first doing a race in their region.

XTERRA athletes Jonathan Woodford and Nicolas Cicio did just this, going as far as California, Colorado, and Texas to earn points towards the XTERRA Regional Championship.  XTERRA Regional Champs get a bid to race in Maui at the XTERRA World Championship, so this is always a coveted title.

While the final race in the XTERRA Atlantic Region takes place at XTERRA Appalachia on August 5th in Penn Run, Pennsylvania, XTERRA athletes can continue to earn points until the season ends on August 25.th Below is a snapshot of what the race to XTERRA Regional Championship titles looks like today.

In the women’s 20-24 division, Betsy Hochman is currently leading after a third-place finish at XTERRA Beaver Creek and a win at XTERRA Jersey Devil.

In the 35-39 age group, Loukia Lili-Williams is in a dead heat with Maria Stewart as the two have basically swapped steps on the podium.  Lili-Williams was second at XTERRA Way over Yonder and third at Jersey Devil. Stewart was second at XTERRA Jersey Devil and third at XTERRA Way Over Yonder.

Melissa Handrigan is out in front in the 40-44 age group after winning XTERRA Charlottesville and placing second at XTERRA Myrtle Beach and third at XTERRA EX2. Jennifer Elder Brady is leading the 45-59 division after placing second at XTERRA Way Over Yonder and third at XTERRA Jersey Devil. Kate Lucas (pictured) is currently dominating the 50-54 women after her third-place finish at XTERRA Oak Mountain, her win at XTERRA EX2, and her second-place finish at XTERRA Myrtle Beach. Finally, in the 55-59 Alice Spriesterbach has a big lead after winning XTERRA EX2, XTERRA Knoxville, XTERRA Charlottesville, and XTERRA Myrtle Beach. She was second at XTERRA Jersey Devil.

For the men, John Clausen is out in front of the 25-29 athletes with 250 points from placing second in his age group at XTERRA Tsali, and third at XTERRA Whitewater, XTERRA Knoxville, and XTERRA Myrtle Beach. Nicolas Cicio is behind him with 225 points from winning XTERRA EX2, XTERRA Cameron Park, and XTERRA Charlottesville. In the 30-34 gang, Matthew Erchull won XTERRA French River, XTERRA Way Over Yonder, and XTERRA Jersey Devil, which gives him the lead in this division.

Luke Alexander has already competed in a remarkable six races, giving him a big lead of 309 points in the 35-39 age group. He won at XTERRA Charlottesville and XTERRA Jersey Devil, placed fourth at XTERRA Deuces Wild and XTERRA Rock Dallas, and placed sixth at XTERRA EX2. Casey Phillips and Steve Bedilion are battling for second place with 151 and 142 points respectively.

In the 40-44 division, Chris Harnish has 272 points from winning his age group at XTERRA Cameron Park and XTERRA Charlottesville and placing third at XTERRA EX2 and XTERRA Myrtle Beach. Chris McIssac is in second with 198 points thanks to his win at XTERRA Jersey Devil, his second-place finish at XTERRA EX2 and fourth at XTERRA Way Over Yonder.

In 45-49 Daryl Weaver won XTERRA Jersey Devil and was second at XTERRA Way Over Yonder to Dan Larino. Weaver is tied with Kevin Fletcher at 142 points. Fletcher won XTERRA Knoxville and was second at XTERRA Charlottesville. In third place in his age group is Cameron Smith with 141 points from finishing second at XTERRA EX2, sixth at XTERRA Charlottesville, and twelfth at XTERRA Jersey Devil.

In the 50-54 age group, Paul Cutler is ahead of Wayne Morgan, 150 to 112 as a result of winning XTERRA EX2 and XTERRA Charlottesville. Morgan was third at XTERRA Jersey Devil and fifth at XTERRA Way Over Yonder.

The 55-59 age group is one of the most competitive. Charles Futcher has 378 points from placing second at XTERRA Fort Custer, fourth at XTERRA Tsali, XTERRA Illinois Wilds, XTERRA Way Over Yonder, and XTERRA Jersey Devil. Additionally, he was fifth at XTERRA Myrtle Beach and ninth at XTERRA EX2. Jonathan Woodford is right behind him with 353 points from his win at XTERRA Deuces Wild, a third place at XTERRA Fort Yargo, seventh place at XTERRA Oak Mountain, fourth place at XTERRA Tahoe City and XTERRA Fruita, and a sixth-place finish at XTERRA EX2. Also in the running are Bladdymir Coronel and Jean-Paul Martin.

For the 60-64 guys, it’s a race that Rob McCoy seems to have locked up with 264 points from winning XTERRA Charlottesville, placing second at XTERRA Knoxville, and placing third at XTERRA EX2 and Jersey Devil. Moving up to the 65-69 gang, Charlie Redmond is leading with 217 points from wins at XTERRA Cameron Park and XTERRA Jersey Devil and his second place finish at XTERRA EX2.

The race for points will continue on August 5th at XTERRA Appalachia. Learn more at www.xterraplanet.com.