Summer Running, XTERRA Style

Jul. 5, 2018

As the summer heats up, the trails only get better. July is all about celebrating the camaraderie and community we find on the trails. The heat gives us a good excuse to forget about PRs, the blackberries are always a reason to stop, and it’s all about the party at the finish line.

This July, XTERRA touches down in Texas, Brazil, Colorado, Michigan, Texas, and New Zealand.

On July 15th, XTERRA Magnolia Hill offers up a 6K, an 11.5K, or a 21K run on the glorious Texas soil. Located in the piney woods in Navasota, Magnolia Hill Ranch is a private ranch with the trail system only available to experience by those who participate in the event. You don't want to miss this opportunity to see this fantastic property with an incredible lake with sparkling blue water and trails winding through the pines.

If you happen to live in South America or are planning a visit there soon, XTERRA Lagoa Dos Ingleses in Nova Lima, Brazil offers up a 26K trail run, a 10.5K trail run, and a 10.5K night run option.

On July 22nd, one of XTERRA’s most beloved runs – XTERRA Beaver Creek – takes off at Beaver Creek Resort in Avon, Colorado.  There will be a 20K, 10K, and 5K course for the whole family to enjoy.

Also on July 22nd, XTERRA Ionia in Ionia, Michigan has 5K and 11K options at Sessions Lake at the Ionia State Recreation Area. With amazing trails, great nooks to fish, and a fantastic swimming beach around the lake, it’s the perfect spot for an XTERRA race. Bring the whole family and camp, explore, and enjoy the XTERRA lifestyle.

The 5K and 11K loops of the trail run utilize the rolling wooded singl- track trail that circles Sessions Lake. It’s a challenging course with plenty of rolling hill climbs and footbridges to cross Sessions Creek winding through the forest around the lake.

The following weekend, on July 28th in Morristown, Tennessee, the XTERRA Panther Creek Trail Run gives runners the choice between a 6K or 21K course. The distance options include 13.1 mile or 4.2 mile trail runs. Nestled around a finger of Cherokee Lake, Panther Creek State Park presents a rural playground for mountain bikers and trail runners alike. Winding through the State Park, participants will encounter plenty of rocks, roots, and climbing to test their grit.

If you happen to live Down Under, the XTERRA Auckland Series #4 is the perfect excuse to make July 29th a great mid-winter treat in Waiuku Forest. At the mouth of the mighty Waikato River lies the largely unknown, often-forgotten corner of Auckland and into the mysterious Waiuku Forest. From the get-go you'll be cloaked by towering pine trees offering hard-packed, low impact sand-based trails underfoot. Courses are all a little longer than usual and boast extensive and breath-taking views over the Tasman Sea, Port Waikato and the mouth of the mighty Waikato River guaranteeing spectacular vistas during your morning's trail run/walk.

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