Running Comes Naturally to Corinne Shalvoy

Jul. 25, 2018

Corinne Shalvoy grew up on the trails. As a fourth-generation native of Ouray, Colorado, she was easily at home at both altitude and in the woods. Known for its hot springs and for being one of the most beautiful places in the world, Ouray is located on the infamous San Juan Skyway, across the pass from Telluride.

“I hiked a ton with my family and was in the mountains a lot whether I was gathering firewood or backpacking with my dad,” said Shalvoy, 35.

She started running in sixth grade when she joined the track team and quickly became the fastest on the team, easily beating the eighth graders. By the time she was in high school, she was placing in the Colorado state track and cross-country meets.

Shalvoy admits that some of her talent might also be due to her genes. Her uncle is trail running pioneer, Rick Trujillo, now in the Colorado Running Hall of Fame. He won five consecutive Pike’s Peak Marathons, where runners have to climb 7,500 feet in the first 13 miles. He’s also won the Hardrock 100, which is known as one of the most difficult ultraruns in the world – it ascends and descends more than 66,000 feet during the race.

“My dad thought I might have some of his brother’s genes so he always encouraged me,” said Shalvoy. “I was kind of a natural at it so maybe he was right.”

In college however, Shalvoy turned down full-rides at Adams State and Western State in order to attend University of Denver.

“I decided to prioritize education. I didn’t want to go to school just to run.”

Just before she graduated from college, Shalvoy met her husband while she was tending bar. A talented skier who lived in North Carolina for high school, he ordered a Coors Light because it reminded him of Colorado. Shalvoy couldn’t change his choice of beverage, but she did convince him to start running, and together they ran their first marathon in 2007.

The two are still a team, only now they have two additional members, three and six-year-old sons, Dash and Stowe.

“We said when we had kids we would keep doing what we loved to do and if it was more work to take them with us and let them experience the mountains too, then we weren’t going to let that stop us from doing what we were passionate about.”

Shalvoy said that balancing two full-time jobs, successful running careers, and two small children is definitely a study in organization and commitment.

“We are absolutely teammates and equals,” she said. “We have no defined roles in the marriage. If I need you to do this and you need me to do something else then we do what we need to do to get it done.”

Often, Shalvoy will head out on an early morning run and her husband and sons will join her when she is finished and take a hike. Then she takes the boys home while her husband takes a turn.

In addition to both being runners, they are both corporate recruiters. Perhaps because of their jobs, it seemed natural for them to start a running club in their now-hometown of Castle Rock, Colorado.

“I guess it’s in our nature to connect people,” said Shalvoy. “And maybe it was a little selfish. When we moved to Castle Rock, we wanted friends and we wanted to run. We thought, there’s got to be people who want to do this too.”

On August 5th, the Shalvoys will be supporting members of their running club in the XTERRA Castle Rock 20K. Last year, she was the first overall female at the XTERRA Castle Rock 20K, the XTERRA Golden Gate Canyon State Park, and the XTERRA Cheyenne Mountain 24K.

“More than anything, our running club has organically become a group of people who love exploring and racing our neighborhood trails in Castle Rock. It’s really just a group of good friends who are out there all the time supporting each other in our individual endeavors in life.“

Learn more about the XTERRA Castle Rock 20K.

Photo courtesy Dianne Wood

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