Gonzalez, Bradshaw win XTERRA Jurassic 21K

Jul. 9, 2018

Eloy Gonzalez and Rhiannon Bradshaw captured the half-marathon titles at the XTERRA Jurassic Trail Run in Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas on Saturday night, July 7th.

Gonzalez finished the 13.1 mile course in 1:40:42 while 44-year old Travis Seekins was behind him in 1:43:43. Jason Kharman was third in 2:02:32.

For the women, Rhiannon Bradshaw crossed the line in 2:11:40 while Autumn Maddock was behind her in 2:13:55. Kerri Dickey was third in 2:17:33.

The run started at 7PM, allowing runners to begin in daylight while adding in the challenge of finishing in the dark, which began to set just after 8:30 PM.

In addition to the half marathon, runners could choose from either a 15K or a quick 5K.

In the men’s 15K, Dustin Wernicke was way ahead and finished in 1:08:51. Sixteen-year old Austin Seekins was second in 1:19:15 while Jason Wallace was third in 1:25:51. For the women, Caitlin Robertson finished in 1:37:11 while Lourdes Blecker was second in 1:43:24. Christy Esser was third in 1:44:31.

In the 5K, Jace Jenkins took the title in 28:39 while 12-year old Aiden Seekins was second in 29:49. Grady Jenkins was third in 31:02.  In the women’s division, Cameron Martin came across the line first in 34:53 while Cullen Merrell was second in 35:17. Claire Martens was third in 38:08 while her twin Beth was fourth in 38:16.


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